ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Hustle

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Hustle

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Hustle

The episode opens with Jen at the salon, cleaning up. Ruth tells her that Tom not working has been great for her because she can go home early. Jen says that he does work, but Ruth isn’t convinced.


Tom tries to plan a romantic night for Jen, so he sends Sam to bed early. However, Jen just chugs beer and goes to bed.


The next day, Sam is upset that Tom is using regular carrots instead of baby ones. Tom tells him baby carrots are just regular ones cut by a machine. Sam isn’t convinced.


Jen comes in and apologizes for not seeing Sam the night before. He is a bit quiet, which worries her. She then gives Tom a list of chores to do and rushes off to work.


Tom tells Archie, Lew and Carl about the morning and how he wants to do something special for Jen. However, the guys aren’t helpful and Lew is stuck on the fact that baby carrots may not exist.


Jen is tired at work and complains to Tia. However, Tia wants her to go get drinks. Jen says there is a lot going on right now and there is no time for anything but work.


At lunch, Tom is still looking for ways to get more money so he can treat Jen to something special. Helen and the guys give him some ideas, none of which are practical or legal.

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Later on, Tom and Sam surprise Jen with fro-yo, but she is too busy to spend time with them. This leads to Tom trying to sell his baseball cards. However, he cannot part with them and decides to do the ‘hardwood hustle’ Archie suggested. He sends Sam to play video games starts the hustle with Carl, Lew and Archie. However, it ends up being a disaster because the guys he is hustling are onto his game.


Tia gets ready to leave as Jen tells her to be careful. She calls her mom, which leads to Jen saying she feels like a bad mom. Tia tells her she is a great mom who works hard and gives her a hug.


That night, Tom and Jen talk. It turns out he did better the second time he did the hardwood hustle. He made some money, but gave it back because he wanted to set a good example for Sam. He ended up getting the money by selling his baseball collection. It wasn’t a lot of money, but enough for her to take a few days off to relax. She appreciates it, but says it is her turn to be the breadwinner.


The episode ends with Tom helping Jen clean the salon and Tia walking in with her date to hook up.

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