ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me The Bad Boy of Cheese

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me The Bad Boy of Cheese

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me The Bad Boy of Cheese

The episode opens with Wyatt coming in, saying it is his birthday. Kat gives him a cupcake. Randi and Phil says he had 18 birthdays since they opened.

Phil says there is a huge dog outside. A guy named Nick asks if he pooped and goes to check on him, but not before giving Kat his coffee order. Randi says that there is a line, but Nick doesn’t care.

Kat brings him his coffee and the two of them banter. He is the owner of a new sandwich shop and he invites her to check it out.

Later on, Kat is making a welcome basket for Nick. Randi wants to know why. Kat says that he may be a jerk, but she did it for everyone else.

Max comes in with a surprise from Randi, courtesy of Carter. He drove two hours to get her her favorite candy bar from her childhood. She wants to do something special for him, but she is stumped.

Kat brings Nick the basket, leading to more banter. She is surprised he has stuff that is not exactly legal and tries to school him on it. However, they continue to banter, making her nervous.

At the bar, Max and Carter talk, while Randi listens for clues so she can figure out what to buy Carter. However, everything he either has or can borrow from Max.

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Oscar brings Kat lunch from Nick’s place, which annoys her. She goes on a rant about it, but he tells her it isn’t that bad. She gets even angrier when she finds out he has a yellow curb. Randi and Phil wonder why she is letting him get to her, but she insists that he isn’t. She then takes a bite of the sandwich, saying it is delicious. However, she then says she has had better and gives it to Randi and Phil.

Kat goes to Nick’s and says she knows he painted the curb himself. She lets him know she is angry over it….and gets her angrier when Max comes in to order food. The two of them get into an argument, leading to Nick thinking they are a couple.

Randi shows Phil and Kat ideas for gifts to give Carter, but finds something wrong with each one. She then shows a ceramics project she did of Carter’s face, but everyone finds it creepy. She is upset because she is in love with him and wants to make things special.

Wyatt asks if they are doing free coffee because Nick’s place is giving it away. Kat steals the sign and goes to yell at Nick….only to find Max and Oscar eating there. They convince her to calm down, but she continues to argue with Nick. Oscar and Max follow Kat out of the shop, but not before ordering ten sandwiches.

Later on, Sheila talks to Kat about cafe ideas to get back at Nick. Kat continues to rant about Nick, leading to Sheila saying she has a crush. Kat denies this, saying she has a boyfriend. Sheila is  not convinced.

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Randi visits Carter at the bar and gives him the ceramic project. He is confused and she confesses that she is worried she isn’t doing enough. However, he confesses he was worried that he wasn’t doing enough, leading them to realize they just have different ways to express their love.

Nick goes to visit Kat, leading to more bantering. Nick wants to know if Oscar challenges her and proceeds to ask her out. Kat is not happy, but admits he challenges her once he leaves.

The episode ends with Kat having a sexy dream about Nick.

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