Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Mr. Untouchable

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Mr. Untouchable

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Mr. Untouchable

Terrance Kelly was a young football player filled with promise and ambition. He was determined to do and be his very best, even transferring to a different school to make his dreams come true and live a better life. He was loved and admired by those who knew him, giving them inspiration to make their own dreams a reality.

However, everything came crashing down one fateful night when Terrance was brutally gunned down in what was considered a ‘straight up assassination.’ He was only eighteen years old at the time of his death and preparing to go to college and pursue his football career.

Terrance’s friends and family recall the night of his death and how it was a shock to them and the community at large. His grandmother arrived at the scene and immediately had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Nobody was able to make sense of the murder or why someone would want to hurt a young man just starting his life.

On the night of the murder, Terrance picked up his friend Brandon, whom he considered to be a brother. According to his statement, Brandon heard the gunshot and saw Terrance partially outside the vehicle. He went back into his girlfriend’s house, screaming to call his mom. He then ran to the hospital.  Terrance was pronounced dead at the scene.

The weapon, as well as several casings were found outside Brandon’s girlfriend’s house. There was also a beanie at the scene, but no other physical evidence that connected them to any particular person. They were, however, able to determine that the shooter had been moving.

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The murder was considered to be premeditated and it was also determined the killer took time to refill the gun. The vehicle was also shot at as it moved after the first shot.

Investigators wondered if a jealous rival had something to do with the shooting. However, Brandon was considered the number one suspect since his mom was dating Terrance’s dad and they were all living together. There was a bit of a rivalry between the two boys, which made things tense. Investigators found several inconsistencies in Brandon’s story, which changed every time he was questioned.

Larry and Darren Pratcher also became suspects. They were fellow football players, but they were also involved in questionable activities. Darren in particular had a rivalry with Terrance and even challenged him to a fight prior to the murder.

Larry was initially arrested and five days after the murder, Darren turned himself in. Despite an ever-changing story, the beanie was determined to be his and his fingerprint was found on the gun. At this point, it was speculated that others, including people in the gang Darren ran around with, were also involved. Brandon was determined to have used staying inside his girlfriend’s house as an alibi, even though he was able to see the murder from the window.

Darren got 50 years to life for the murder of Terrance. What shocked people the most was his lack of emotion when the verdict was read.

Larry was released due to lack of evidence. Brandon was never charged but killed four years after Terrence when he was gunned down in a bowling alley. His killer was never identified.

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