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The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for Jiminy Crickets

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for Jiminy Crickets

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac is the third episode of the season and as always, filled with drama, frenemy moments and more interesting storylines. Check out the highlights below!

  • Robyn tries to get her son Carter up for school and then goes back to bed herself. However, her ex-husband is not too happy with this, nor is Carter’s teacher, who reprimands him for being late. She reminds him to tell Robyn to get him ready for school on time.
  • Karen prepares for her latest launch, crediting her ‘sweetheart’ for his help. She also looks back on her other endeavors she has done over the years.
  • Gizelle and Ashley meet for coffee and snacks to gossip about Mia. They also talk about Ashley’s pregnancy and how they are having a ‘Pamper Ashley’ party. Karen and Mia are invited, despite the drama they are causing in the group.
  • Robyn, her friend Askale and Wendy meet at the warehouse to work. Why they are working in heels in a warehouse is beyond me. Robyn is excited about the business growing, but worried that she might go into debt.
  • Wendy talks to Robyn about her candle line. Robyn wonders how she decided to go into this field since Wendy is a commentator and professor.
  • Mia and Gordon are working when she gets the invite to Ashley’s party. She tells Gordon about the drama from the other day with Gizelle and Karen, while Wendy and Robyn discuss the drama amongst themselves. Gizelle wonders why she doesn’t have Karen’s back.
  • Candiace talks to her mom via FaceTime about what is going on in her life, including what is happening with Karen. Chris goes to take care of the kids while enjoying an afternoon drink.
  • Dottie warns Candiace that Chris may have an ulterior motive for managing her career, which causes some tension between the ladies.
  • Karen and Wendy enjoy sushi as they discuss business. Wendy says her husband is helping her and that she has a paragraph outlining her business plan. Karen begins to ask questions, making Wendy realize she might not be as prepared as she anticipated. However, she is willing to go to work.
  • Mia’s sons are eating salad and donuts as she reflects on her joint custody agreement. She and Gordon talk about her mom and how their relationship has changed over the years. It is nonexistent, especially since she was given up at a young age. However, Mia wants to work things out and finally have a relationship.
  • Karen and Candiace meet for tea and to discuss where their friendship is going. As they talk, her bonus daughter Naia plays on the stairs for a bit before going back to her room. The ladies agree to move forward in their friendship, but it is going to take time to get back to where they wre in the past.
  • At Ashley’s party, the ladies enjoy champagne and gossip. However, there is still some tension because of Karen.
  • The ladies play guess the bump, which includes Candiace showing herself ‘pregnant with possibilities.’
  • Mia and Wendy end up fighting over the love lunch debacle and how Wendy called her shady. Mia tries to defend herself, while Wendy says she has nothing but time to discuss things….leading to Mia wanting to leave.
  • Wendy says she was defending Gizelle and is upset nobody had her back.
  • The ladies enjoy their spa treatments….with a side of more drama.
  • Mia admits she did indeed work as a stripper, but was more of a therapist/escort without sex.  Karen says she has no problem with it and wants pole dancing lessons.
  • The ladies end the party with a prayer.
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More next week, stay tuned!

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