Married to Medicine: Reunion Part 3 Recap for July 18, 2021

Married to Medicine: Reunion Part 3 Recap for July 18, 2021

Married to Medicine: Reunion Part 3 Recap for July 18, 2021

Part Three of the Married to Medicine reunion on Bravo opens with Scott claiming he was messing with Dr. Contessa over the whole life coach debacle. The men are confused, while the women call it BS backstage.


Dr. Contessa says that she and Scott have a timeline of when things need and should be fixed, which is by her birthday next year.

Andy asks Scott for more information, but Scott doubles down by saying that they are monogamous, but separated at one point a year and a half ago.

He, does, however, admit hat they did file for separation a couple of months ago and put their house up for sale, but nothing moved forward. The reason he was so surprised by Quad’s statements was because he thought all of this was over.

The men offer their own opinions on the situation and how Scott’s statements can sometimes be confusing.


Andy brings the women back onstage. After another recap of the season, including their work with Black Lives Matter and how it led to some powerful conversations. They talk about the most meaningful moments of the march and how they loved seeing Rev. Al Sharpton speak during the event.

The group agrees that it was incredible to see people come together and the change they are seeing in the country.

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The topic switches to COVID and how Dr. Kiran had to shut down his practice. He admits it was stressful because at that time, they had no money coming in during that time.

The other doctors share their own stories about what they saw and faced, including in the ER where so many people died. Dr. Eugene recalls how he was in constant fear of getting COVID, especially when his mask fell off when putting a patient on a ventilator.


The group recalls some things said between each other during the season and how people should not get into other couples’ personal business.

Dr. Eugene and Quad get a bit into it, where she says he should wear a skirt if he is going to get into a woman’s business. He quips that it should be expensive.


Andy brings up the Scott issue again and everyone goes around in circles again about the life coach.

Dr. Kiran is asked about how he feels because he is the most neutral. He says he is confused and compares it to the Hardy Boys books.

Andy agrees that there are many other stories and that he is worried that Dr. Contessa is worried about the wrath of Scott. The two of them admit they are going into counseling, but continue to disagree over things Scott has done.

The group think that there is hope for them….and will be in their corner and business.



After the men leave, we get more recaps from the season, including how the ladies think Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie are shady. This leads to more fighting and bickering over who said what about whom and how Anila thinks being a dentist is easy.

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The ladies joke around about who is the Beyonce of the group and who would win Dancing With The Stars before they all say goodbye for the season.

Of course, no reunion is complete without a fight. Quad and Dr. Simone fight over houses and finances. However, everyone else seems to want to get along, with Dr. Simone and Dr. Heavenly making plans for a makeup birthday dinner.


Until next season….

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