America’s Got Talent: Recap for 7/14/2020

Here we are with another week of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Terry Crews is hosting, while Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell are judging. Heidi Klum is off due to illness. 

This is the second non audience show in the history of the series due to COVID19. Everyone admits it will be difficult without their feedback. 

Alex Hooper: He bombed with his audition two seasons ago, but is determined to win the judges over this time. It is awkward, he makes many insults, but manages to get some chuckles. Three yeses. 

Lightwave Theatre Company: It is an incredible puppetry show that tells the story of a girl and her dog. The emotion was even better than the actual act, if that is even possible. I am crying so hard right now. Three yeses.

Cameron Ross: He is a country singer who struggled with coming out and is ready to make his mark in the genre. He is adorable and has such charisma. Simon makes him sing a cappella and somehow it becomes even better. Three yeses.

John Sevier Austin: He sings….backwards. It is very interesting and intrigues Sofia and Howie. They give yeses, so he makes it through despite Simon saying no.

Chicken Scratch Sam: He is a comedian who makes bad dad jokes….dressed like a chicken. Simon buzzes him, but Howie and Sofia help him get to the next round. 

Ninja Twins: They are brothers who used to be dancers, then stylists and now want their spot in the sun. It is a artsy dance act, but they are so cute and fun to watch. Sofia and Howie send them through, despite Simon buzzing them. 

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John Hastings: He is a stand up comedian who has a rare disorder that does not allow him to have hand eye coordination. His humor stopped him from being bullied. His act is self deprecating and deals with things he dealt with in life. Three yeses.

JD Marching Vols: They are a high school marching band from Alabama. There are instruments, dancers, acrobats and more. It is a ton of action in one big package and made me smile from start to finish. Three yeses. 

Siena: She is a dancer/acrobat who does her routine blindfolded. She is a badass. How she managed that….I have no clue, but I loved it.Three yeses. 

Vice Nova: They are a rock and opera act that is actually pretty cute and funny…but fails to impress the judges. They are sent home.

Sheldon Riley: He is wearing a bedazzled headpiece and takes on Billie Eilish. WOW. I have chills. He reminds me of Andrew De Leon from a few seasons ago. WOW. Three yeses. 


Everyone is in PJs as they judge. 

Chris and Sid: Chris is a country singer who sings with his dog Sid. It is actually adorable and I am shocked no one did this before. Four yeses.

After a montage of videos, we get to Alexis Brownley.

Puppy Pals: This is Alexis’s act. She is eight years old and trained her puppies to a circus act. It is so fun to watch and she reminds me of a baby JoJo Siwa.I would love to see this in Disney or Vegas. Four yeses. 

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Max Major: He is a mentalist who is somehow able to to have Sofia help him via Zoom. The other judges do a hand trick that brings their fingers together. Sofia shuffles and chooses a card, which she then puts back in the deck backwards. It is the ace of diamonds, which he also did in his deck. Four yeses. 

Another montage! 

Erin McCarthy: She always wanted to be an opera singer and is giving herself another chance at her dream. She sings while on a horse,which the judges love. Three yeses and one no from Simon.

More next week, stay tuned. 

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