Crime Scene Kitchen Recap for June 9, 2021

Crime Scene Kitchen Recap for June 9, 2021

Crime Scene Kitchen Recap for June 9, 2021

Fox’s Crime Scene Kitchen opens with five of the remaining teams returning for another round of baking, detective work and guessing which dessert was cooked before they arrived. There will be two rounds, with another team going home at the end of the night.

Joel McHale hosts, while Yolanfa Gampp and Curtis Stone judging.

Cheryl Hines joins them as a guest judge and tells them that her favorite dessert is a twist on a classic.

Each team has to guess what it is based on the clues left in the kitchen. There are lemons, a candy thermometer, flour, a dessert torch and a tart pan.

Most of the teams guess lemon meringue tart, while others think it could be lemon meringue eclairs. Each team puts their own twist on the dessert and hope they guessed it correctly.

As each team gets to work, Joel and Cheryl talk to each team to see where they stand.

Before long, it is time to display their desserts to everyone. They not only have to impress the judges, but correctly guess what dessert Cheryl wanted them to make.

The judges give their pros and cons on each dessert before Cheryl declares that her favorite dessert is a lemon curd meringue eclair.

Luis and Natalie win the challenge and get a special clue for the second round. (It is green food coloring.)

The clues include gelatin, icing, jam, raspberries, a picture of either a cat or a snail and a closed container of strawberries.

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The teams desserts include a princess cake, sponge cake with raspberry jam and a princess torte. As they cook, Joel goes to talk to everyone to see how they are doing.

The judges give the pros and cons of each dessert before declaring it as a princess cake with green marzipan.

Luis and Natalie win again!

Carolyn and Caroline, who were the only ones to make the sponge cake, are sent home.

More next week! Stay tuned!

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