Crime Scene Kitchen Premiere Recap for 5/26/2021

Crime Scene Kitchen Premiere Recap for 5/26/2021

Crime Scene Kitchen Premiere Recap for 5/26/2021

Fox’s new series Crime Scene Kitchen, which is hosted by Joel McHale (ever since the second Psych movie was released last year, I can only think of him as Lassiter’s dad), opens with a montage of people looking for clues in the kitchen. Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone are the judges.


The purpose is for the contestants to figure out what was cooked in the kitchen based on the clues left behind. They will work in teams and will be judged on how close they are to guessing the dessert. The winning team gets an advantage in the next round and one team will be eliminated at the end of the night.


The teams are off! They look everywhere from the trash can to the sink to every nook and cranny they can find. It is interesting how they are able to use their other senses to come up with their guesses, not just their sight.


Once they are done looking through the kitchen, each team bakes the dessert they came up with based on the clues they observed. Guesses include Boston cream pie, sacher torte  and lemon chiffon pie.


As each team cooks, Joel walks around, asking each team how they are doing and what they are baking.  Some of the teams have harder times than others, while some don’t even know where to begin.


When time is up, each of the teams cover their desserts and await the tasting.

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Each team presents their creation and explains how they came up with the dessert.


It is quite interesting how they all came up with their desserts, but it is a mixed bag for the judges when it comes to taste and presentation.


The correct dessert was Boston cream pie. The clues included the CLOSED containers of raspberries and pie pans, almonds and melted chocolate.


Thomas and Cathy win, even though Thuy Linn and Jay also made the same dessert. They are given an extra clue (naked but scraped) in the next round.


The contestants have to uncover another kitchen crime, with one of the teams being eliminated at the end of the night.


These clues include coconut, veggies, modeling chocolate and coconut oil.


The contestants get to work cooking their next desserts. Guesses include carrot cake, hummingbird cake and farmers market bushel carrot cake.


Joel, Yolanda and Curtis give commentary on each cake as they observe the contestants cook.


When time is up, each team once again presents their dessert and how they came up with it based on the clues. The judges also taste each dessert, giving commentary on the the flavor.


The dessert is carrot cake! The clues include the cake pans in the dryer rack, coconut cream cheese, the separator, eggs, grater with carrots and the veggies for the topping.


Thomas and Cathy win once again.


Thuy and Jay and Nate and Anthony are in the bottom two, with Nate and Anthony going home.

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More next week, stay tuned!


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