The Real Housewives of Dallas Season Five Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season Five Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season Five Reunion Part 1

Tonight is night one of The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion. Brandi and Kary are attending virtually due to COVID, but Kameron, D’Andra,  Stephanie and Tiffany are live with Andy Cohen.

After the introductions (where we find out D’Andra was engaged 13 times!) we get a recap of the season and the ladies’ reactions to everything.

Tiffany ended up in the hospital after her birthday party, so her husband said she should not party with Kary anymore.


We also get into the Kameron/Kary/D’Andra feud that took place this season. This leads to Kary talking about Kary’s daughter’s health issues and how Kary wishes D’Andra would have called. D’Andra, for her part, says it works both ways and Kary wasn’t exactly a good friend either.

As an aside, this is beginning to remind me of the Festivus airing of grievances. 

The fight continues with the women, this time over using the term ‘COVID girl.’ Andy asks them if they think Kary was a bully this season, and it seems like the answer is yes. D’Andra thinks that Tiffany is the only one who can call Kary out on her BS.

The fighting continues and D’Andra is called out on her mean girl tweets. However, D’Andra doesn’t seem to care.

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Andy calls Kary out on how the entire season seemed to center around her birthday. He even reads some emails from fans who agree. Kary says that she was going through a bad time during filming with her marriage falling apart. She is ashamed of her behavior, but says she was acting out at the time.

She says she and Eduardo are divorcing and begins to cry. She is scared but knows she can get through it and the ladies give her love and support.

Kameron and D’Andra say that they knew something was going on, but not to this extent.

Andy continues to talk about Kary’s behavior and how her mom had a problem with binge drinking. He thinks Kary is also a binge drinker and asks the others if they think she has a drinking problem. This leads to the women saying how worried they are about her as footage of Kary’s antics is shown.


The topic switches to Kameron’s new house and how she is redecorating it. She is thrilled her husband surprised her with it and that her dog Louis’s spirit is in the house.

Andy talks to Tiffany about her life, career and relationship with her mom. She admits that people from work think people will no longer take her seriously. However, Andy thinks that it could….and should have the opposite effect.

Tiffany also thinks she is hypersensitive to what her mom says to her at times.

Andy asks about her mom’s feelings about the show. Tiffany replies that she has no idea how she feels about her being on the show. Her dad, however, thinks she is an idiot for doing the show.

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Andy asks Tiffany about her TikTok parodies based on her life growing up, which includes her mom throwing shoes at her for getting bad grades.

Kameron thinks can be considered racist by some people, including her own friends. Tiffany is deeply offended and wonders why she and her friends even discuss it with each other.

The bickering continues. The topic has switched to the chicken foot debacle and how Tiffany constantly corrected people throughout the season. This, of course, leads to more fighting between Kameron and Tiffany, who says things are not finished….and we will find out next week exactly what that means….stay tuned!

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