The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Sinking Ships

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Sinking Ships

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Sinking Ships

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey opens with the women getting ready for a yacht trip. As Margaret gets ready, she talks to Joe about her book, which is almost ready to be published. She worries about how certain people are going to react.


Delores talks to her son Frankie about needing a biopsy and not going for a mammogram in several years. He wishes she would have told him and gives her a big hug.


Teresa tells Gia about the yacht trip and how it is being hosted by Emily the ghostwriter. Gia loves her and then changes the subject to Joe’s new lady. Milania comes in and tries to get her parents to admit they have new significant others. They seem happy, so Teresa is happy to admit she is moving on.


Jennifer talks to her daughters about school. She also talks to Gabriella about how Jennifer’s parents are fighting. She seems to know what is going on, but has no idea why. They end up having a heart to heart and it is actually a very sweet bonding moment.


Margaret and Lexi meet the ladies on the boat. They plan to set up Parker the boat dude with Teresa. However, she talks about her new gentleman, which has her very excited.


The topic switches to Margaret’s book, leading to her reading an excerpt which explains her situation with sleeping with her boss. Jennifer gets a bit snarky, which leads to them fighting and Jennifer ranting about the issues in her life. However, she does apologize for her initial thoughts on Margaret’s situation.

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Jackie asks what is going on with Jennifer, so she opens up about the situation with her parents. They all decide to do a mother/daughter tea party in order to get Jennifer’s mom to socialize and feel better.


Captain Fred tells them it is time to go out in the water, so everyone finally decides to relax.


Melissa and Jackie have lunch together, where Jackie intends to  fill her in on what happened on the yacht trip. Melissa also talks about her issues with Joe and how things are changing.


The topic then switches to Teresa having a new boyfriend. They are thrilled for her and hope that she is happy.


Margaret talks to her mom about the book. Marge Sr. Is surprised about some of the things in the book and why Margaret kept quiet on certain issues. The two of them have a beautiful heart to heart about life and end up bonding even more.


Melissa and Antonia go shopping at Envy. However, it gets awkward when Melissa asks about her love life. Antonia hides in the bathroom because she is so embarrassed.


Later on, everyone goes to Jennifer’s for the tea party. There is a lot of food and chit chat, but Teresa ends up leaving because she misses her mom too much. She decides to go to see her own mom at the cemetery.


More next week, stay tuned!


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