ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Life Expectancy

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Life Expectancy

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Life Expectancy

The episode opens with Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) and Eli (Terrence Terrell) going through his things to sell, keep or toss. He decides to toss his picture with Papa John, sell the one with Tom Brady and keep the one with Giselle.

As they pack, he asks if she is excited about moving back in with Gabby. She says that she loves Gabby, but is over the party lifestyle. Eli offers to let her move in with him, but she says she isn’t ready. He understands and puts her in the ‘keep’ box.

Drew (Thomas Middleditch) has a special night planned for Adriana (Rosa Salazar), which consists of Swiss food, wine and Cannoli being cute. She says she is leaving that night and wants him to have his surgery. He tries to protest, but she insists on going. However, she says it is not goodbye, but see you soon and they will see each other when she gets back.


At dialysis. Megyn (Melissa Tang) talks about how her podcast guest got hurt and cannot come on that week. Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) offers to do a dental talk to avoid gingivitis, but Eli lets her know it is a short and sweet talk–floss. Megyn talks to them about being an empath and tries to relate to each of them


Gideon (Darryl Stephens) then gives Drew a goodbye gift, which upsets Jerry, who didn’t get one before his failed transplant. He then asks Drew is getting Gina for a donor gift, but Drew had no idea this was a thing. As he mulls it over, Gideon lets him go and Gina walks in just in time for the group hug.

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Gina looks at an apartment with Gideon, which leads to her having a meltdown because everything is changing too fast. Gideon holds her as she tells the landlord she will take the apartment.

Julia (Sara Rue) goes to visit Drew and gives him socks to wear at the hospital. She says that she is considering being a donor herself. As they talk, he gets a text from Maddie filled with emojis. They talk about how she is handling things and then switch the topic to what Drew should get Gina, deciding on diamond earrings.

That night, Drew has a heart to heart with Gina about how he almost skipped the wedding and if so, he would not where he was today. He then gives her a key to the house so she can stay as long as she wants. He wants her to stay because she changed his life to the better.  They hug it out and she tells him he made her life mean something. She then asks if he was really going to get her diamond earrings, but he says no backsies.

The next day, Drew surprises Gina with a limo ride to the hospital. Paul (Adam Chambers)films it and still thinks Drew is Gina’s dad, even though they are the same age.

At the hospital, the dialysis crew and Gabby (Kether Donahue) surprise them at the hospital and make them a video for good luck. Julia, Mr. Knudsen (Bernie Koppell), Norma (Linda Lavin), Maddie (Izzy G) and Cannoli are also on the video to give their own well wishes.

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The two of them also take pictures together to commemorate the moment. The doctor then kicks everyone out, but not before Eli kisses Gina. As she and Drew are rolled out to surgery, the two of them say that they love each other.

The episode ends with them counting down to the surgery.

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