Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/18/2022: POV, HOH and a Twist

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/18/2022: POV, HOH and a Twist

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/18/2022: POV, HOH and a Twist

The live audience is back on CBS’s Big Brother 24. This is night 44 in the house.


The episode itself picks up with the POV talk we left off on last night. It seems like most of the house wants to backdoor Alyssa. Kyle is naturally upset over this and makes it known. He also wonders if Joseph, Monte and Taylor are in another alliance.


Michael wants to have the house turn against Kyle, especially if he doesn’t use the veto. His logic is that he can be the first Leftover gone when they make it to the final seven.


Kyle still makes it clear he doesn’t want Alyssa on the block. Of course, Monte sees through as to why he wants her to stay. This only upsets him more and feel like an outsider.


Indy gets her punk rock unitard and has to do random rock shows at any time of the day.


Veto Meeting time! The Veto is NOT used! Taylor pretends to yell at him over this. Jasmine is surprised Monte didn’t get backdoored.


Kyle tells Michael and Brittany he sees some red flags within the alliance. He suggests they make an alliance within the alliance, not knowing they are in a final three deal with Taylor.


Kyle also tells Michael that the other guys are the core guys in the house. Michael now thinks it is a good idea to break that up.

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Later on, he muses over another Cookout esque alliance forming in the house.


Terrance gets his 182 tattoos over his body. Taylor and Joseph are chained together as Skid and Fancy, the NY and British duo.


Happy birthday, Jasmine!


Eviction time. Before the vote, Taylor makes it clear she wants a unanimous vote.


After the two potential evictees give their final plea speeches. In a 7-1 vote, Indy is evicted. Michael is the only one who voted for her to stay.


She is now in the jury house.


After Julie talks to Indy and shows her her goodbye videos, it is time to announce the twist. The house will be completely divided and two games will be played–2 HOHs, with one living inside with their team and the second living outside. These teams will have no contact whatsoever.


Each side will have an HOH, two nominees and two votes. It will basically be the same rules, just in two groups.


This will lead to a double eviction next week.


Now it is time for the HOH game. They must spot the VIP in a series of pictures. The last one standing wins.


Each guest faces off against each other until Terrance and Michael are the last ones standing. Michael is the indoor HOH aka Big Brochella, Terrance is the outdoor HOH, aha Diarfest.


More Sunday, stay tuned.

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