Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump Recap: Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis

Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump Recap: Trixie Mattel and Iggy Azalea

Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump Recap: Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis

Tonight’s episode of Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump welcomes Jeff Lewis and Tori Spelling and has a Mexican theme.


Lisa greets them at the door with her puppy in tow. They banter a bit before going inside for margaritas. Jeff and Lisa banter a bit about what he said about her house in the past, while Tori finds the whole thing amusing.


Lisa’s husband Ken and daughter Pandora come in to say hello, which leads to more bantering with everyone. Jeff talks about his breakup and how Patti Stanger helped introduce him to someone new.


Everyone sits down and toasts to a wonderful dinner. As they eat their appetizer, which includes chips and salsa, Pandora quips that they are all going to be wasted tonight because of all the tequila in the margaritas.


Lisa asks Tori about her life growing up and how she wanted Barbie dolls as a kid, but always got collectable dolls. She also went to school with Monica Lewinsky, who was sad when she was not invited to Tori’s birthday party.


They continue to talk about their lives until Lisa decides to play Get Pumped. As they answer questions, Pandora serves dinner, which includes empanadas and stuffed peppers. Tori loves it so much she wants to bring home leftovers for her pigs.


After more chatting, they play drink or dare, which leads to Lisa mooning everyone, Tori eating a tequila worm and Jeff floating on a flamingo in the pool fully clothed.

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The next game  involves confessions, including Jeff kissing Andy Cohen, Tori wishing she slept with Ryan Seacrest and Lisa banning Kelly Dodd from her restaurants. They continue to banter as the episode comes to a close.

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