The Bachelor Recap for 1/11/2021: Let the Dates Begin!

The Bachelor Recap for 1/11/2021: Let the Dates Begin!

THE BACHELOR - Ò2502Ó Ð The 24 women who survived the rose ceremony on arrival night discover that dating Matt is intoxicating although the atmosphere among the women is plain toxic. MattÕs adventurous first date with Bri triggers an emotional bombshell between the other jealous women, including Victoria. The largest group date in Bachelor history has 18 women dress up for a wedding photo shoot, with Matt as the groom kissing his brides. Sarah is thrilled to join Matt on a romantic ride aboard a 1930s biplane, but the love-struck bachelorette is having a difficult time seeing him with other ladies, leading to multiple women spiraling out of control on ÒThe Bachelor,Ó airing MONDAY, JAN. 11 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES

The Bachelor Recap for 1/11/2021: Let the Dates Begin!

Tonight is the second episode of Matt James’s season of The Bachelor on ABC. The dates begin, as does more drama…..after all, the girls are going to want to fight for his attention on the group dates and cocktail party!


Bri gets the first date and Matt is hopeful that it will go well. The other girls, on the other hand, are very jealous, especially when he helps her put on a helmet to go AV riding. Once they get to their destination, he takes his shirt off and they toast to a fun day in a hot tub. There is a lot talking, kissing and bonding before we get to the dinner portion of the night.


At dinner, she talks about her mom having her at a young age and how it was just them growing up. Her mom is now pregnant again and has a fiance, which makes Bri feel as if she no longer belongs. Matt also shares his story of growing up without his dad always present and how he would often gravitate toward friends who had big families. This allows them to bond even more and of course he gives her a rose. They end the night with kissing and fireworks.


Victoria really seems to be causing a lot of drama in the house…..she reminds me of Corrine, but without the napping and sassy one liners. She keeps complaining about everything and not wanting a group date, which begins to get really old, really fast.

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GROUP DATE! Chelsea, Serena P, Abigail, Sydney, Illeana, Kristin, Lauren, Jesseina, Serena C, Kit, Kalli, Khaylah, Katie, Mari, Pieper, Rachael, MJ and Victoria are on the group date with the clue ‘I am looking for the one.’


Victoria continues to complain…..I think everyone is over it by now.



Onto the date. Matt greets them in a suit and has them dress as brides for a photoshoot, but not all the girls get pictures. This causes a lot of anger and drama, especially since Victoria gets a picture and rubs it in everyone’s face.


Portion two of the date is capture the heart, which seems like a combination of capture the flag and paintball. It is such an odd date since they are still in their dresses. It just looks so….I have no words whatsoever.


The red team wins, so they get more time with Matt, while the other girls go home. They are NOT happy as they leave and the others celebrate with champagne.


Part three of the date is a cocktail party with Matt and the girls bonding. Lauren gets the group date rose.


Sarah has the final one on one of the night, which begins in a helicopter. They land in the woods and talk about life and her father’s ALS battle. Seeing her really break down about it makes me cry as well, especially when she talks about giving up her life and career to take care of him.


I love how he wants to show her that he can be the man she wants and asks how to make it happen. He then gives her the rose and they seal it with a kiss….and go to the hot tub.

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The cocktail party has Matt bonding with the girls. He even gives MaryLynn orchids, because he was thinking of her and knows they are her favorite flower. She is thrilled, but Victoria decides to tell Matt MaryLynn is one of the toxic girls in the house. She says they were roommates, but her crying and manipulation caused problems. (pot, meet kettle?)


Matt decides to talk to MaryLynn, while Victoria gloats to the other girls. They are all confused and wonder what will happen. MaryLynn tells Matt the accusations aren’t true, while Victoria tries to convince the girls MaryLynn is bad news. However, the other girls find it hard to believe. Matt, for his part, has no clue what to believe.


MaryLynn and Victoria talk things out, or at least attempt to….MaryLynn tries to apologize if she upset her, but Victoria continues to gaslight her into thinking she is a bad person.


The other girls are angry that this drama caused them to lose time with Matt. They ask Victoria why she began the drama, which leads to her doing more gaslighting.


Rose Ceremony:

Lauren, Sarah and Bri already have roses.


Pieper (one with gorgeous hair)

Kit (fashionista girl)

Magi (girl from Ethiopia with an amazing backstory)

Rachael (no idea)

Abigail (first impression rose girl)

Chelsea (the model)

Jessenia (no clue, but love her name)

Katie (vibrator girl)

Serena C. (no clue)


At this point, it looks like there is a medical emergency. We will have to wait until next week to see who passed out and what happens with the Victoria drama. Stay tuned for another recap next week when The Bachelor returns!

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