Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/11/2021

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/11/2021

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/11/2021

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 opens up right where we left off….with the nomination ceremony aftermath. Britini and Sarah Beth are both on the block, but Derek reveals that they are both pawns.


Britini cries, while Sarah Beth worries about going home on her birthday.  Kyland comforts her while everyone else talks smack about Derek and his decision.

Later on, Derek tells Sarah Beth that she is not the target and he is going after Christian. She is thrilled that she is actually safe.

However, the rest of the house thinks Britini is the target because Derek led them to believe the case and he didn’t want to put two jokers up.

Alyssa and Claire promise Sarah Beth safety if they play and  win, making her feel more secure.

Sure enough, the two of them join Sarah Beth. Britini and Derek for the POV competition, along with Kyland.

The competition is an eighties themed gym game where they all have to work out. They each get eliminated based on who does the least amount of reps. However, they each get a prize at random, including the POV. People can steal prizes from each other as well.

Claire wins POV, which is stolen by Kyland.

Sarah Beth wins $5000, which she keeps.

Kyland wins unitard punishment, but steals POV from Claire.

Derek wins the jackass uniform, tries to steal the $5000 from Sarah Beth, but ends up taking the POV from

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Kyland because Sarah Beth cries.

Alyssa wins a phone and laptop to talk to loved ones.

Britini wins the bathroom key, but trades it for the POV to take herself off the block.

Derek takes his bathroom duties way too seriously and announces whenever anyone has to go. It is actually very funny to watch.

Later on, Derek tells Alyssa his plan to backdoor Christian. She is not happy and goes to tattle right away. He says he regrets not backdooring Derek last week when he was HOH.

Needless to say, there is a lot of tension, especially when Xavier tells Derek to not go through with the backdoor plan. However, Sarah Beth wants him to stick with it since she knows Derek will be the next target.

Just when it seemed as if we were going to find out what was going to happen….we get a cliffhanger with Derek and Christian talking……dun, dun, dun!

Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned.

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