The Bachelor 25 Premiere Recap for 1/4/2021: Magic Matt Meets His Matches

Tonight is the season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC. Matt James, who has never been a member of Bachelor Nation, is in the leading role. He is a friend of former runner up Tyler Cameron and has a big social media presence.


We find out he was raised by a single mom who sacrificed everything for him. The two of them talk about his expectations and how life doesn’t always go according to plan.


We meet some of the girls, including Alicia the ballerina, Abigail, who is deaf and wears cochlear implants, Kristin the attorney and Magi, who hails from Ethiopia.


There is also Anna, who can be Hannah B’s twin and Sarah the journalist/caregiver. We also get some snippets of the other girls as they leave to meet Matt, who is getting ready for his big night.


After Chris Harrison talks to Matt, it is time to meet the ladies. However, he has a few questions for Chris first. This leads to another pep talk and the journey finally beginning.


Bri says she cannot wait to get to know him.


Rachael thinks he is better looking in person and he is the reason she is here.


Sarah soaks it all in while introducing herself.


Jessenia wants him to be her rock.


Chelsea is a runway model.


Mari is nervous, but ready to see where in the world they end up together.


Magi came from Ethiopia to see her.


Carolyn gives him lavender.

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Sydney thinks he is the hottest human she has met.


Kristin says the jury has spoken and he has been found guilty of being so fine.


Anna gives him a survival kit.


Khaylah pulls up in a pick up truck.


Serena C. giggles.


Serena P. brought a step stool.


Alicia dances her way in.


Seneah thinks he is the greatest of all time and wears goat slippers.


Alana plays Lady and the Tramp with him using spaghetti.


Kaili shows up in lingerie and dresses for him to choose for her.


Abigail is deaf and reads lips.


Corrinne is a lady in red.


Marylynn says everything got her to this moment.


Emani thinks this is crazy.


Lauren says she is here because she didn’t settle.


Pieper has the same last name.


MJ shows up in a pizza car, with pizza.


Katie shows up with a vibrator.


Amber shows up on a bike.


Kimberly tosses a fish.


Cassandra shows up in a football uniform with his name on it.


Illeana puts her balls in her mouth….meatballs, that is….


Kit shows up in her own rideshare.


Victoria shows up dressed as a queen, like her namesake, and by being given a princess ride.


Katie gives a toast with her vibrator as the games begin. It is Matt’s turn to give a toast, sans vibrator, and then he mingles with the girls. Each girl spends time getting to know him, stealing time and sharing things about themselves. Surprisingly, there isn’t much drama…..yet. Even though there is some smack talk, it seems tame compared to other seasons.

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However, the biggest talk of the night? The vibrator, which manages to become a buzzkill for some of the girls.


Matt learns carnival games, how to runway walk, ballroom dancing and all seems well, until Kit shows him a NYC snowglobe. Victoria calls her princess and says the queen is here, finally causing some anger. I guess Victoria is the early villain, because she starts plotting to get more time with him in order to get the first impression rose. She says that the other girls are idiots and tells them she is getting the first impression rose.


Abigail bonds with him and gets a kiss from him after they talk about her growing up deaf. This gets her the first impression rose, which annoys Victoria and makes the others nervous.


Rose ceremony time!

Bri (first one out of the limos)

Rachael (second girl out of the limos)

Chelsea (model)

Sarah (caregiver/journalist)

MJ (pizza girl)

Serena P (stepstool girl)

Khaylah (girl with truck)

Kristin (Lawyer pun girl)

Kit (NOT a princess)

Magi (from Ethiopia)

Pieper (cute outfit)

Mari (don’t remember her, but seems sweet)

Illena (meatball girl)

Jessenia (can’t recall her, but love her name)

Kalli (lingerie girl)

Marylynn (Seems nervous, but sweet)

Serena C  (giggler)

Lauren (no clue)

Sydney (who?)

Alana (Lady and the Tramp girl)

Katie (vibrator girl)

Anna (Hannah B’s twin)


Final Rose Tonight:

Victoria (Queen villain)



Amber (girl who didn’t want to talk to Matt)

Alicia (ballerina)

Cassandra (football girl)

Emani (who?)

Carolyn (girl with lavender)

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Seneah (no clue)

Corrinne (red dress)

Kimberly (girl with fish)


More drama awaits, stay tuned!


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