America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/18/2020: Live Shows Part 2

It is the second night of live shows on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Last week, we saw eleven acts perform and five of them make it to the next round. This week will be more of the same. Kenan Thompson will fill in for Simon Cowell, who is out due to an injury. Once again, social distancing will take place during the show.

Terry Crews hosts, while Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel round out the judges’ table.

Kelvin Dukes: He is so cute and actually reminds me of a baby Kenan. The act backdrop has an old fashioned feel to it and his voice is just as amazing as it was in his audition. The dance moves and his personality wrap it up in one big bow, making it amazing.

The judges cannot stop smiling and think he has a great career ahead of him. (Maybe a Kenan and Kel reboot?)

The Shape: I love how they incorporated their masks into their dance. They are tight, in sync and have everyone, including myself, dancing. Their music mix is the cherry on top of this incredible routine. They have an old school feel with modern music, which makes them stand out above the rest.

The judges think it was spectacular and can tell how hard they worked.

Kameron Ross: Wow….he is a powerhouse through and through. Not only does he have an incredible backstory, but his voice….it has me in tears. There is something so moving and so powerful about it….I absolutely love him.

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The judges think America is going to love him, although they think he could have added more to the performance.

Bad Salsa: Bad Salsa must be an oxymoron name because this act is off the chain. I am obsessed with those lifts and spins. They have to be one of the best dance duos the show has seen in a long time. Next stop, DWTS? World of Dance? The possibilities are endless for these guys. (Note: This was filmed in India and shown via video)

The judges think they are fast and intense…and call them the best of the night.

Vincent Marcus: He is rapping nursery rhymes while impersonating rappers. I am totally in love with this dude. I can see him doing a kid’s show that even adults can enjoy. He has the look, he has the personality and the impressions are incredible. WOW!

The judges love him and find him amazing….but kind of prefer his first performance.

Alexis and the Puppy Pals: It reminds me of the OG dog acts mixed with the rhythmic gymnastics episode of Lizzie McGuire. It is adorable and fun to watch….especially when the dogs had voice-overs in the beginning.

The judges find her adorable and fun!

Bonavega: I am totally mesmerized by him. The rock and roll act, the outfit, the moves….I have no clue where to look but it certainly put me in a better mood.

The judges like his energy, but not his outfit.

Spyros Bros: I have no clue what a diablo is, but it looks awesome. They are not only fun to watch, but it is obvious they have a very close, unbreakable bond. Their love shines through their performance and makes me smile. The Simpsons background gives them a fun, youthful edge, while the tricks remain jaw dropping.

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The judges give them some constructive advice, but overall, they find it exciting and fun.

Danyelia Tuleshova: Her voice is so breathtakingly beautiful…I am in tears watching her. She has a future in the music business that is for sure.

The judges give her a standing ovation and are blown away by her voice.

Jonathan Goodwin: He does a danger act (with the help of Heidi) where he pours fuel on himself and locks himself to something….and he must escape the fire with his face covered. He ends up on fire and everyone is screaming in fear….until he ends up escaping…..and being safe.

The judges are blown away by this and glad he is okay.

Voices of Our City Choir: What a way to end the night. It is a tearjerking performance and the spoken part gave it something that something extra. I am in tears.

The judges are tearing up and find the performance very moving.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!

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