America’s Got Talent: Recap for 6/2/2020

It is the second night of auditions for season fifteen of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and it promises to be quite an interesting season. Due to the COVID19 pandemic there were many changes, so I am curious to see where this goes in terms of auditions and live shows. Sofia Vergara joins the judges table, along with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, who is back after a short hiatus. 

Divas and Drummers of Compton: This is a drumline with dancers and gymnasts of all ages. It is incredible to watch and amazing how coordinated they are with so many people. Simon wants to join them because he enjoyed it so much.

It is no surprise they make it to the next round. 

Thomas Day: He is a junior in high school who plays three different sports. In fact he is ranked 7th in the country for kicking in football. However, music is is true psassion. He has such passion when he sings that he literally gives me chills. He defintiely deserved that standing ovation.

After some rejected acts, we get back to business.

Erin: She is a college student who is majoring in economics and art. She sings with her mouth closed with a squeaky voice….and immediately gets booed and buzzed off the stage. 

Kidd Strobe: He is a contortionist who was able to take his arm out of the socket and twists in ways I never thought was humanly possible. He says his parents don’t support him and he hopes they change their mind when they see him on the show. 

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He makes it to the next round and Simon calls his parents to let them know and ask for another yes.

Usama: He gave up med school for comedy, which disappointed his parents. He struggled for a long time and now hopes the show will be his big break.

He talks about relationships, names, his life and the difference between guys named Alejandro and Eugene. I’m with Heidi, I want more! Four yeses! 

Kelvin: He is a fourteen year old singer who I think may actually be a music prodigy. That voice is one of an angel and something I never expected from a child that young. I am in awe of him. He moves to the next round.

Bello Sisters: These three sisters do an acrobatic act that has everyone on the edge of their seats. There are twists, turns and balance I never thought anyone could ever do. 

It reminds me of those Cirque du Soilel acts in Vegas. I think that if they win, they will have no problem fitting in. Four yeses! 

Roberta: She is a ten year old singer who fan girls over Sofia. She is so nervous Terry has to get her water. Once she begins singing….whoa….I am crying at this. She is another one who may be a music prodigy. I think she and Kelvin should duet at finale. 

SOFIA GVE HER THE GOLDEN BUZZER!! She called her dad to share the news and even got confetti as a souvenir. 

Florian: He is a magician who makes CDs disappear and reappear. The judges say it is like nothing they have ever seen before and send him to the next round.  As an aside, he looks like Kevin from Backstreet Boys.

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Jennifer and Daquiari: It is a unique twist on a dog act with almost a magic twist to it? I cannot describe it, but it is another act I would pay to see. Sofia thinks that the dog is a robot, especially when another one appears. They get four yeses and the dogs get pets from Simon.


Simon and Maria: They are a pair of salsa dancers from Colombia. They are young, but so much fun to watch. They remind me of the DWTS Juniors kids and I certainly see them going places in the future. Some of those lifts and moves can put seasoned pros to shame. Four yeses.

Bonavega: He is wearing a silver costume and dancing, singing and running every which way. Howie is right, he is a big surprise. I never thought this would be such a fun act, I was expecting some kind of joke as well, but this was just a joy! Four yeses. 

More next week, stay tuned. 

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