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Vanderpump Rules Season Nine Reunion Snark and Highlights Part 1

Vanderpump Rules Season Nine Reunion Snark and Highlights Part 1

  • You are all worth wearing pants for….LOVE IT!
  • Lisa is one of the happiest grandmas I have ever seen. Nanny Pinky is such a fitting name.
  • Charli looks incredible, I didn’t know she gained 45 lbs during COVID.
  • My heart breaks for both James and Raquel. This break-up had to be hard for the both of them.
  • Seeing everyone crying shows how much they love these two.
  • Why did Raquel feel the need to bring up the fact that she and James weren’t having sex? There was no need to go there and it was obvious that James was really hurt and upset that she brought it up.
  • Bringing up Jax and Brittany was so….random. I am glad the girls are all still friends, but it is sad Tom and Jax are not.
  • Giving James back the ring on TV was so cruel.
  • Brock and James randomly fighting really brought up a lot of anger. I don’t blame James for walking away. He already had the engagement ring returned, he didn’t need any more stress.
  • Tom is being such a good friend right now to James. It is exactly what he needs in this moment.
  • I love seeing Charli open up like this. I wish we would have seen more of this during the season.
  • I had no idea Scheana’s baby had COVID. Poor little girl!
  • I guess the Sheana/Charli friendship is going south now. Between the ‘you can’t be friends with so-and-so,’ the TV and the Twitter debacle, it is obvious there is a lot of tension.
  • Was it diet, exercise or a pact with Satan? That was hysterical, but Lala does look fantastic. So does Scheana.
  • There is nothing wrong with Lala getting outside help and she has nothing to be ashamed of….she seems to love Ocean and that is all that matters.
  • Schwartz talking about the embarrassment of filming the, um, trying for a baby, was such a moment.
  • Ariana freezing her eggs but not wanting a kid makes sense. She can help out a couple who can’t have any babies of their own.
  • Scheana is breaking my heart talking about the health issues she had when giving birth and how she thought she had a stillborn. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she went through.
  • Schwartz and Sandy’s bromance just took on a whole new level with the jerk off revelation.
  • That being said, their bar looks like it is going to be amazing. I am going to have to visit it when I am in LA.
  • Lala is ALL of us during this fight between Katie and the Toms.
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Conclusion tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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