A Million Little Things Star Lizzy Greene Interviewed

A Million Little Things star Lizzy Greene recently opened up to TVGrapevine about her show, life and everything in between.

Tell me about yourself and career. 

My name is Lizzy Greene, I’m a 16 years old actress. I got my start in theater when I was 7, then quickly and unexpectedly got launched into the world of television when I was 10. I’ve always been drawn to performing, and I love acting because of its ability to make the audience feel something.

What is your role on A Million Little Things? 

I play Sophie Dixon, a teenager recently affected by her father’s suicide. 

She’s very protective of her family and her father’s legacy, and is never afraid to speak her mind. 

What attracted you to the role?

I really liked the realism and sensitivity of the character. She’s very human, and has really grown up and become more mature over the seasons. 

I like her because she continues to surprise me with her actions, she’s super confident and observant, so nothing goes over her head.

Do you relate to your character? If so, how?

We’re both compassionate and confident, and will always stand up for what’s right. But we can both be very stubborn at times. Sophie has a habit of speaking her mind before thinking about the consequences, which I think all teenagers kind of suffer from. 

How would you like see your character evolve as the show goes on?

She really grows and becomes more mature every episode. I’m constantly surprised at her level of understanding and grace when approached with a problem. Going further, I would love to dive more into the ups and downs of becoming an adult. Sophie’s been through a great deal of trauma, and it would be really interesting to see how it bleeds into her social life. 

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What is it like working with such a great cast?

 Incredible, they are some of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met. Every time we shoot scenes all together, it’s really difficult because we always end up laughing. They are all veterans, so it’s like going to acting class every day. They’re incredibly kind; they always include me in things as well despite my age, which I think is really cool.

Who are some guest stars you’d like to work with on the show?

 I think it would be really sweet if I could have some scenes with Lenny, Sophie’s grandfather. They have both experienced loss, and have similar dynamics, so it would be really nice to hear a little about their relationship and background together amidst everything they have gone through. 

What else are you working on? 

Despite Season 2, I’ve been spending some time in the recording studio, which I’m really pumped about. I started out in the business by singing, and I’m really excited to get back to my roots.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself. 

I love to cook! I’m constantly trying new recipes and making up my own 🙂

What are you watching on TV these days? 

I try to alternate my time between TV, movies, and books. Right now I’m reading The Four Agreements.

Anything else you want to share? 

A Million Little Things comes on Thursdays at 9/8c! Thank you to everyone for the support!

Love, Lizzy


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