America’s Got Talent: The One With Jay Leno As A Judge

Another week, another round of Judge’s Cuts on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Tonight Jay Leno is the guest judge and several more acts will move to the next round, while others get sent home. Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel are judging, Terry Crews is hosting. 

Dominiquez Poodles: This is a family dog act that is adorable, fun and chaotic. The judges love it, but aren’t quite sure it is a step up from their initial act. 

DM Nation: They competed in 2015 and are back for another chance on the show. They are a dance troupe and while they are decent, it really isn’t anything we haven’t seen a million times before. Julianne and Jay love it, but Simon isn’t as impressed. They are also warned that there is a lot of tough competition. 

Ben Trigger: He does a dance that starts off pretty decently but then ends up being more of a silly act. None of the judges know how to react to this, and neither do I.

Montage of acts that do well, but probably won’t make it through….

Benicio Bryant: He is a singer that won The Voice Kids. He performs an original song and has a wonderful voice. Jay calls him an old soul and again, the judges warn him that there is a lot of competition. 

Marina Mazepa: She is a contortionist that does amazing body tricks that include wire. I am quite impressed and in pain just watching her twist like that. Simon thinks she is terrifying and brilliant and Jay calls it art. Julianne loves the originality. 

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Charlotte Summers: She is another kid singer who has done shows in the past. The judges like her and again, she has a good voice, but she doesn’t do much to stand out in terms of performing. 

Callie Day: She is a gospel singer who got her start on YouTube. The judges are blown away by her voice.  I am impressed with those high notes, myself!

Another montage….this time with magic acts.

Kara With a K: She is a comedian and completely bombs tonight. She has mic problems and met act does not go over well at all. The judges also hate it and she even gets a bit sassy with Jay.

Emanne Beasha: She was on Arab’s Got Talent and has a vice that can bring most adult singers to shame. The judges love her and she gets Jay’s Golden Buzzer!!

Eric Chien: He is a magician who is compared to last year’s winner Shin Lim. He does an act with quarters and even gets Jay in on the action. It is a good act and the judges want to see more from him. Howie promises to fight for him.

Voices of Service: They are military veterans who use singling as a form of therapy. The judges find them very inspiring, as do I. They have beautiful voices and I like the way they are able to harmonize together. 

Jonathan Burns: He is a contortionist who somehow has Terry, some whipped cream and a bunch of other stuff involved and….I don’t know what to think, nor do the judges.

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Jackie Fabulous: She is a comedian who gave up a law career in order to pursue comedy. In short, she is the second coming of Sheri Shepherd, who has a similar story of being in law and going into comedy. Her mom is there and loving her performance. Jay is jumping up with joy and Howie gives her a hug. 


Emanne Beasha – Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer

Voices of Service

Eric Chien
Marina Mazepa
Charlotte Summers
Jackie Fabulous
Benicio Bryant

More next week, stay tuned!! 

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