Bachelor in Paradise Recap 8/6/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise continues with last night’s episode. Kristina is taking Blake on a date but due to his ‘player’ behavior, it seems like she has other things in mind. 

Blake tells Tayshia he has a date with Kristina and is there with an open mind. She seems to take it well and thinks it was thoughtful of him to tell her about the date. However, she seems a bit put off by it. 

Caelynn still won’t shut up about Blake and talks to Sydney about him and Kristina going out. 

Blake and Kristina’s date consists of driving and he admits (to the audience) that they dated but it was bad timing. The two of them talk about it and she calls him out on his bs and the Caelynn stuff. He basically pulls a Jed and says he made his bed. Kristina asked if he at least changed the sheets. 

He then plays the victim. She wants him to realize he can’t treat women like this but he doesn’t seem to get it and insists there was no relationship. She reiterates that he needs to realize he can’t treat women like objects. He continues to play the victim. He then tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. She tells him to be a man. 

Everyone else discusses the debacle and wonder why Kristina is interested in Blake and if she should have discussed her issues with him outside the show. 

When they get back, he and Caelynn fight. It is the same thing she has been screaming about all along and I am so not repeating it. 

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To his credit, he realizes he messed up.

Now the entire island is a he said/she said mess. Tayshia says Blake lost her now. 

The gist of everything is now Blake is public enemy #1.

We have more mingling and it seems like both Wills and Dylan have a thing for Hannah. 

Clay and Bibiana seem to be making a connection as well, but he is also connecting with Nicole. The two of them go on a date, but not before Annalise attacks him for breaking up with Angela. OMG, girl, MYOB!!!! 

Annalise also tells everyone else about Clay and Demi basically tells her to mind her own business. 

Clay and Nicole’s date seems sweet and consists of fireworks, kissing and exploring. 

Blake tells the guys how bad he feels about the situation and they wonder how he will handle the rose ceremony. He then has a complete breakdown.

Caelynn is still whining.

Everyone gets ready for the rose ceremony. They have a cocktail party beforehand and mingle with one another. The girls hope to get roses, Blake tries to fix things and Caelynn decides to explore her opinions. She decides to set her sights on Cam, who wants to spend more time with her. 

Jane flirts with JPJ.

Annalise gloms onto Chris. 

Hannah and Wills seem to have something going, upsetting Dylan. She seems to be mingling with a lot of the guys and taking her time in deciding who she wants to choose. 

More Blake BS! ::headdesk::

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Caelynn still wants a rose from Blake even after calling him out and is upset he might give it to Hannah? ::headdesk again::

Now we have to wait until next week for the rose ceremony. 


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