Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 14, 2018

It is episode five of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. On Monday, we saw Keisha get evicted on her own request due to her breast milk depleting. Before she left, she let James in on Shannon’s plan to get him evicted.

We are for some reason watching the pre-eviction footage from Monday. It’s really nothing more than we already know, so yeah….not recapping that.

HOH competition! It is a captain themed miniature golf game and I have to say, Brandi is so cute trying to play. She finishes in 5:56, so now that is the score to beat.

Shannon finishes in 3:04, so everyone wants to beat her for their backdoor plan.

Omarosa fails to beat Shannon’s time, as does Marissa.

Ari seems confused, but finally beats Shannon’s score by getting 2:18.

The guys have trouble getting the balls into the hole, which makes Ari the winner.

Shannon is excited, thinking she is safe. Everyone else is happy because of the plan to put Shannon up for eviction.

James thinks Metta and Omarosa should be put up, which Ross kind of agrees with because they can backdoor Shannon.

Metta says now it is game on…but so he can go home?

Omarosa talks about her time in the White House and it seems like everyone is quite interested in what she has to say.

Metta plans to use his basketball skills to block Shannon from Ari. Shannon is pissed because she wants to talk to Ari and he is there—but he is wearing headphones, so does it matter?

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Everyone is cooking and primping as they plan their next move.

Shannon cries to James and he reminds her that this is the game. She then complains about how everyone thinks she is lying and how she had everyone’s back.

Nomination time. Ari nominates James and Shannon because they are the biggest competitors.

Shannon is in tears and James is disappointed.

More Friday! Stay tuned!

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