A Very Country Christmas Star Bea Santos Interviewed

How did you land the role in A Very Country Christmas

Just the regular way! My agents had me do an audition tape and I remember really loving the material and the character of Jeanette. It’s such a sweet and wholesome story and it was refreshing to try out such a warm and gentle character. I did the tape and forgot about it and I think a month later I got the call. 



Did you know that A Very Country Wedding was going to happen when you filmed the first movie?

Definitely not! It’s just been the gift that keeps on giving. It was really exciting to find out we’d be making another. I love working with all the actors involved and the entire crew is absolutely fantastic. So I was definitely happy to return to that family. 



Do you think there will be more movies in this series?

I hope so! That would be a dream come true. 



Should fans expect a typical UP movie with a happy ending?

This one is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I think a typical UP movie fan knows to have faith in an uplifting ending. 



What other projects are you working on now? 

I’ve returned to my recurring role on Murdoch Mysteries, which I adore! And I’m actually starting to write my own stuff which has been a total blast and a refreshingly new experience.

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