Marrying Millions: Rosie and Drew

Marrying Millions promises to be the hit reality show of the summer. It premieres tonight on Lifetime (check your local listings for showtimes) and follows the lives of several couples. The twist? One half of the couple is a millionaire, while the other isn’t. This puts their relationship under scrutiny, leaving people questioning if the motivation for being together is for love or money.

One of the couples being featured in this series are Drew and Rosie. He is a multi-millionaire, while she is a recent college graduate living at home. Her parents do not approve of the relationship, despite the fact that he seems to want to take care of her. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the couple talked about their time on the show. They both enjoyed the opportunity the show presented for them and said that it brought them closer together. Their end goal was to explore their relationship and see where things went. They both agreed that they enjoyed the opportunity and that at the end of the day, the show brought them closer together as a couple. 

However, that is not to say that they didn’t face their share of challenges, as well as some ups and downs. They admit there were some interesting moments during filming, but they enjoyed the chance to explore their relationship. The two of them had been together awhile at the time of filming, so it was a good way to see where things went. 

So what was the biggest challenge for them? The filming schedule and being on camera. Drew admitted that he didn’t know that filming would be such a grueling process, but he and Rosie both got used to the routine fairly quickly.

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The two of them both admitted there were things the audience will not get to know about them. Fans would be surprised to learn that Rosie actually speaks for languages and is in the process of getting TWO Masters degrees. One is an MBA and the other is in Library Science.

As for Drew, he says that fans would be surprised to know he is deaf in one ear and that he is an avid rescuer of dogs. He is also a huge fan of anime and the show Bar Rescue. 

Tune into Marrying Millions tonight and every Wednesday on Lifetime.

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