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If you are familiar with Hallmark, chances are you are a fan of actor Paul Greene. He has been in several movies for the network, including Campfire Kiss, A Wish for Christmas and Perfect Match. He also plays Dr. Carson Shepherd on the hit series When Calls The Heart. He has been a part of the network for several years and wowed us with every performance. In addition, he has appeared on network shows such as Harry’s Law, CSI and NCIS.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Paul revealed that he has been keeping busy with several projects. He will be appearing on season six of When Calls The Heart, which is set to return on May 5th and 6th in a special two night event. While details on that remain under wraps, fans can look forward to seeing the new adventures of Dr. Carson Shepherd. He loves being on the show and has nothing but good things to say about the show and being a part of the Hallmark family as a whole. He loves working on the network and would love to reunite with former co-star Andrew Walker on the show or on another project. He would also love to work with Home and Family cohost Cameron Mathison, whom he considers to be a great guy.

In addition to working on the network, Paul is working on  book, which was originally set to be released on Father’s Day weekend. While the project is taking a bit longer than he expected, he looks forward to seeing the fans’ reaction to it when it gets released. The book is called The 52 Ways to be the Dad You Wish You Had and gives advice to dads about parenting, life and everything in between. It was inspired by his own father and mentor and promises to be something fathers can relate to and incorporate into their own lives.

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He is also working on music and preparing to release a rock/gospel album, available on his website May 8.

Paul may be a triple threat in Hollywood, but he succeeds in more than just his talent. The former pilot also makes himself successful by being a good, fair person. He always remains kind and treats others with respect. He is a true reminder of how we should be in life, and I thank him for reminding me of this lesson.

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