Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 9, 2018

It is night three of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS.  When we last left our cast, Keisha was the new HOH, Chuck and James went on the block and Metta cried because he wanted to go home to his wifey.

Tonight is the first live eviction. Brandi wants James to go because she thinks he has a big ego.

Chuck thinks Shannon is planting seeds in people’s heads because she is a good poker player.

Omarosa thinks the guys should be very worried.

Keisha and the girls want to get rid of James before he begins to break up alliances and winning HOH.

Shannon tells James to lay low, but he doesn’t realize that she is telling him that so he can be blindsided later.

Veto competition! Keisha, James, Shannon, Omarosa, Ariadia and Mark are plying for POV.

Mark and Keisha discuss what he will do if he wins POV. He isn’t sure, but she thinks he may use it on James.  She plans to blow it all up.

Julie plays True or False headlines with the houseguests. They get all the questions wrong and then we get back to the game.

The POV competition looks like some sort of odd obstacle course where they search for find letters to spell something out. The person who spells the longest word wins.

It’s kind of boring to watch, but Shannon wins for correctly spelling responsibilities.

Mehta rolls in mud while James and Ari do some time of bro-tox treatment.

Shannon wants to take Chuck down and replace him with Mark, thinking it will bring more votes to get rid of James.

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Ross isn’t sure, nor is anyone else. Omarosa says that she needs to think of everyone, not just herself.

Ross is confused, as am I. He and Marissa feel dismissed and underestimated, so it seems like they are forming alliance of their own.

Ari and James discover their bro-fox treatment is them having to dress and act like babies for 48 hours….dressing like them, being fed, drinking from bottles when there is a baby cry….wtf am I watching?

The girls and Ross argue over if they Shannon should use the POV…they seem torn over whether or not to replace Chuck with Mark. Omarosa wants them to think about how this will impact them in the long run.

It seems like the alliance is falling apart, upsetting Shannon. Omarosa comforts her, but wonders if she is actually stable.

Shannon decides to not use the POV, thinking it is best for her game.

Ian, Derrick, Nicole and Josh, all former winners, give their commentary about the season so far.

Derrick is impressed that they seemed to forget the cameras, Nicole thinks Shannon needs to cool it a bit, Josh is impressed with the game play so far.

Ian wants Ross to win, but thinks it will be James if he survives. Derrick thinks Marissa will win, but loves Shannon. Nicole agrees with Derrick. Josh thinks Ross will win and thinks Shannon is the new target.

Now Omarosa and Keisha want their own alliance.

Ross and Shannon talk bout not trusting Omarosa and how they can flip the vote and get rid of Chuck so she has less allies. Shannon tells everyone this plan since Keisha and Chuck have some sort of side deal going on. She thinks the have the numbers to make this work.

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James plugs his new single when stating his case to keep him safe.

Chuck says he will be a good partner.

Brandi votes to evict Chuck.

Ari votes to evict Chuck.

Omarosa votes to evict James.

Ross votes to evict Chuck.

Meta votes to evict Chuck.

Marissa votes to evict Chuck.

Shannon chooses to evict Chuck.

Mark chooses to evict Chuck.

Chuck is the first celebrity evicted from the Big Brother household. Omarosa gives him something as everyone hugs him goodbye. It’s hilarious how they all claim to love him when they blindsided him.

He isn’t really surprised, especially because of the gift bag thing. He wishes things could have been different, but thinks The Amazing Race is more his speed. He is on the jury and can go home now.

As for who he thinks will win, he thinks it could be Shannon or James.

After he sees the goodbye messages and says he had a good time and his only side deal with Keisha was that they would put James up and he would protect her if she used the tie breaker.

More Monday, stay tuned!!

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