The Amazing Race Recap for 1/26/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 1/26/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 1/26/2022

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS has our remaining teams going to a different part of Switzerland. The teams will leave in fifteen minute increments based on the order they arrived at the Pit Stop.


STOP 1:  Verzasca Dam 

Roadblock: One member of each team must bungee jump 722 feet. Dusty, Kim, Lala, Natalia, and Sheridan all complete it.


Once they finish, each team heads to Lugano, Switzerland and visit the Piazza Carlo Battaglini. Once there, they must choose a Detour: Bartender Race (delivering 12 bottles of wine and 12 packs of chestnuts up a large staircase) or Sausage Encase (squeezing and coiling sausages for sale).

Dusty and Ryan, Akbar and Sheridan and Kim and Penn choose the bartending detour, while everyone else chooses sausage.

Dusty and Ryan help Sheridan and Akbar find the wine and give them advice on how to complete the task. They initially ignore them, but they eventually realize they should have listened.

Pit Stop:

Once the detour is done, everyone is given a picture of Parco Ciani. This is where they check in for the Pit Stop.


  1. Ryan and Dusty–and win a trip!
  2. Lala and Lulu
  3. Kim and Penn
  4. Raquel and Cayla
  5. Akbar and Sheridan
  6. Natalia and Arun–NON ELIMINATION LEG!

More next week, stay tuned!

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