Will Trent Recap for 3/5/2024

Will Trent Recap for 3/5/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/9/2024

WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, Jake Mclaughlin as Michael Ormewood, Ram—n Rodr’guez as Will Trent, Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, and Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner. (ABC/Art Streiber)

Will Trent Recap for 3/5/2024

-Why do I have a feeling Lipstick Lady is going to die?

-Of course this was a ploy for her to get kidnapped and/or killed.

-Angie is back in action…..woohoo!


-Will helping Angie is so sweet. The two of them have such a beautiful, loving chemistry.

-Will not talking about the explosion is only going to do more harm than good.

-‘You look like a mushroom.’

-The dude told them to wear hard hats, yet none of them, including him listened.

-Nun chucks, condoms, pacifiers….what the hell kind of place is this?

-Death by doorknob was so not on my bingo card.

-A second victim, this time shot to death….what is happening?

-The one who left the purse behind is pregnant…or so it seems.

-So Lipstick Lady is alive, but killed her attacker in self-defense…..and it seems like the attacker also killed the second victim?

-Angie is back in action and already on assignment. Her welcome back party didn’t last long!

-Lipstick Lady is named Isabella and a dude named Dale lured her to the building to attack her….and now someone might finish the job. She is also pregnant.

-Angie and Michael are in the morgue to investigate a guy named Ted who was poisoned and died of a heart attack.

-Pete the coroner giving out the name of his divorce lawyer while in the morgue was….a choice.

-The one protecting Isabella is named Conrad…..I am confused as to how the Pastor fits into all of this?

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-Ted’s brother Joel is being questioned about his death….on his birthday. That really sucks.

-Will thinks Pastor Reggie is hiding something….and to be honest, I do too.

-What was that paper Faith found?

-That scene with Pastor Reggie and the lady seems to have some sort of significance.

-Are the Spanish lessons significant as well?

-Either Pastor Reggie is going to help Will heal or he is involved in the killings/Isabella’s disappearance.

-Okay, now I think the internship is somehow connected. My guess is she had an affair with the councilman and he is the baby daddy and therefore tried to get her killed/disappear.

-This therapy called aufgusses looks quite interesting, not gonna lie, I would give it a try….

-Ted was going to open his own aufguess place, backed out and his partner most likely got pissed off and killed him?

-Leonard Parker, a man whose prints were on the knife has a rap sheet a mile long is none other than out friend the pastor….Reggie. That is a twist I never saw coming.

-Is Wolfie the dumbest criminal ever to let them in with evidence in plain sight?

-I KNEW Pastor Reggie knew where Isabella was….but didn’t expect him to protect her.

-Conrad followed Isabella to protect her, but ended up getting killed to save her.

-How much do you want to bet Isabella escaped? Or kidnapped?


-Why didn’t Joel say that their dad died? Is it connected to Ted’s death?

-THE WIFE WAS BEHIND IT ALL AND KILLED THE COUNCILMAN! I knew he was the baby daddy, but didn’t expect the wife to be the killer.

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-Of course, Isabella is in labor with a lunatic running around with a gun.

-Will delivering Isabella’s baby is such a cliche, but hilarious AF.

-Faith arrests the crazy wife as the baby is being born.

-Will is so sweet with the baby.

-IT’S A BOY!!!

-Oh, I hope Isabella is really going to be okay.

-Will’s reaction is so moving.

-Joel and Ted’s dad isn’t dead, but in hospice.

-Joel killed Ted to get more money and because Ted didn’t take care of the dad?

-I have a feeling Michael and Angie are meant to be endgame…..once he divorces Gina.

-Isabella is okay!

-Pastor Reggie is going to prison for his old crimes.

-Amanda and Will are so sweet as friends. I love their relationship.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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