The Masked Singer Recap for 10/18/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 10/18/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 10/18/2023

It is Elton John Night on Fox’s The Masked Singer!

-Hawk–He was forced to grow up quickly in the family business and had trouble fitting in….until he discovered music. He felt like a reject, but he had the time of his life touring.

He sings Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting and sounds incredible. I have no idea who he is, but am sure that he isn’t going anywhere.

The big clue is a picture of Miley Cyrus….which represents his time working with her.

Guesses: Cole Sprouse, Pete Wentz, Corey Feldman, Austin Butler


-Husky–He is energetic, aware and loving…especially when it came to the ladies. He is also loyal to his family, which is more important to him than fame.

He sings Bennie and the Jets. His voice sounds familiar but I cannot quite place him. I can see why the ladies love him, there is a lot of charisma in his performance.

His clue: A rocket that represents him getting a platinum album after soaring up the charts.

Guesses: Babyface, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut


-Royal Hen–She is the voice of the voiceless and faced prejudice in her career…only to have her name etched in history.

She sings Philadelphia Freedom and I am obsessed. I have no clue who she is, but she is legen-wait for it-dary….and iconic.

The clue is a medal on a heart that represents when she won Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

Guesses: Gloria Steinem, Rita Moreno, Billie Jean King

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-Tiki–He always wanted to be a rock star and sold millions of records while touring around the world. He also got himself into trouble due to his big mouth. After cleaning up his act, he made a big comeback.

He sings Goodbye YellowBrick Road and it is by far the best performance of the night….but again, I cannot even guess his identity,

His clue is that you can come to him for a good laugh when you are feeling bluesy.

Guesses: John Stamos, David Lee Roth, Robert Plant


Royal Hen and Hawk are in a singing battle for the final place in the next round. They take on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and it is hard to tell which one deserves to stay because both of them are so good in different ways.


Royal Hen is eliminated and revealed to be…..BILLIE JEAN KING!!!

More next week, stay tuned!

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