Will Trent QuickCap for 2/27/2024

Will Trent QuickCap for 2/27/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/9/2024

WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, Jake Mclaughlin as Michael Ormewood, Ram—n Rodr’guez as Will Trent, Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, and Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner. (ABC/Art Streiber)

Will Trent QuickCap for 2/27/2024

-Special Agent Mitchell has some sass in her….I like it.

-It looks like this case is picking up from last week.

-Everyone in the prison has a contraband phone.

-How is Miles the only one who knows that things can be heard through the walls? That would be the first thing I would think of, but the diet talk is a creative way to get information while writing down questions.

-Who else knew the fight was going to happen? I’ll wait……..

-Who is this Joey person Angie is with?

-Will is on autopilot right now…..and it is going to all come crashing down.

-Why do I have a feeling Flashis going to die?

-Joey is Angie’s spons-ee….and slipped. The dude supplying him with drugs is not only his boss but quite possibly a drug lord.

-Mackie died….supposedly by suicide, but it is quite obviously murder.

-Syringe needles…..Will thinks it is connected to the infirmary search and something got missed.

-Michael and Max bonding is really sweet, even though things are super tense at home.

-Edina is either involved or going to end up dead.

-Amanda and Angie on a stakeout was so not on my bingo card.

-Something happened with security and now Will is trapped with a prisoner aka his dad in his cell.

-Looks like a prison break…..

-Did Amanda get sloshed while looking for Joey?

-Oh, she went undercover to get information in order to report the drug lord. Nice………….

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-I think Joey is going to end up a recurring character.

-Wait….Will has a brother? Is he going to be connected to all this?

-These flashbacks always send chills down my spine.

-I’m confused. Is Edina a good guy or a bad guy?

-Okay, so Edina and the prisoner Jack Richards (who seems to be the ringleader in all this) are in cahoots. Wasn’t there an Unsolved Mysteries episode with a similar case?

-Warden down!!!!

-Will is seriously trusting a prisoner to help get him out of the cell? Is he serious? I know it’s his dad, but still.

-I still don’t get how Miles is connected to all this.

-That was pretty badass of Will…..not gonna lie.

-Will is attacked…..and his dad rescued him by killing the bad guy they were targeting.

-This episode is so hard to follow….it is dark and difficult to figure out who is who in terms of the bad guys.

-Warden is fine!

-Drug lord dude thinks this is all about animals?

-Amanda and Angie bond, which leads to Angie possibly getting her job back.

-Does anyone else think that Angie is going to adopt Joey?

-That’s the young lady who killed her mom’s boyfriend that molested her. I have a feeling Angie might find a way to take care of her too…I hope so at least….before it’s too late.

-Michael and Max made one sweet science project.

-I am beginning to think that there is no affair and Gina is just upset Michael cheated for so long and talking to Harris is her way of coping…..kind of like how George and Brenda bonded on Young Shledon.

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-Will says he isn’t coming back to see his father, but I think he will because he wants information on his brother.

-Wait, so Flash died after all? I thought so, but this episode is so confusing I wasn’t sure…Jack is also dead. No word on Edina and what happened to her.

-Nico is so cute. They are such a good person to be there for Will and Betty.

-Nico and Will bonding is everything we all need in this show. Maybe Joey can become their friend too?

-More next week, stay tuned!

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