The Amazing Race Recap for That's What Being Strong Will Do

The Amazing Race Recap for That’s What Being Strong Will Do

The Amazing Race Recap for That’s What Being Strong Will Do

We are in Barbados this week on CBS’s The Amazing Race….home of Rihanna! One by one, the teams leave in the order they arrived at the pit stop.


Ricky and Cesar and Angie and Danny are not sure where to go, so the former ask for directions while the latter follow them. However, they also get caught in the rain, causing more issues.


Rod and Leticia and Amber and Vinny also ask for directions, as do Yvonne and Melissa.


As each team heads to Fairfield/Black Rock, they reflect on their journeys and how far they have some since the beginning of the show.


Roadblock time! Each team must choose a member to play road tennis. Once they score eleven points, they can get the next clue.


Ricky chooses to do the roadblock for his team, while the other teams struggle to get to the location in the rain.


Ricky finishes quickly and gets the next clue, which takes them to Rihanna’s childhood home. Once there, they get a clue that sends them to Long Bay Beach.


Angie and Danny arrive, with Angie doing the roadblock. She also completes it quickly and heads to Rihanna’s home. She has no clue who Rihanna is and he can’t name any of her songs.


Leticia and Melissa do the roadblock for their teams, while Juan and Shane and Amber and Vinny get lost.

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Before long, all the teams make it to the roadblock. Juan and Vinny complete it for their teams as Leticia and Yvonne complete the roadblock and head to Rihanna’s with their teammates.


Ricky and Cesar get lost and stop for directions.


Juan and Shane also get lost, putting the other teams ahead of them in the race.

Angie and Danny get separated from their crew members on a roundabout by taking a wrong turn. This is considered to be against the rules.


Detour! The teams can wither build a sturdy fish pot or fill a barrel with seaweed gathered from the beach.


Ricky and Cesar initially do the seaweed one, but end up switching to the other detour.


The other teams are lost and struggle to get to the next destination.


Angie and Danny arrive but have to wait for their crew members to arrive before they can begin their detour.


The other teams all arrive, and do the fish detour, except for Shane and Juan who do the seaweed detour.


Ricky and Cesar finish and head to Hastings Rocks for the pit stop. They get there first and win $7,500 each.


One by one, the teams finish the detour.


Juan and Shane arrive second, followed by Amber and Vinny and Yvonne and Melissa.


Rod and Leticia get their car stuck in the mud. However, they end up getting to the pit stop as team #5.


Angie and Danny are the last to arrive and are eliminated.

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More next week, stay tuned!


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