In Pursuit With John Walsh Recap for Dead of Winter

In Pursuit With John Walsh Recap for Dead of Winter

In Pursuit With John Walsh Recap for Dead of Winter


The first case details the brutal double murder of Dave and Geralyn ‘Ger’ Covey. They were killed in 2022, shortly after they both retired. The two enjoyed the outdoors and fixing things.

In February 2022, they headed to Chesaw, Washington to check on their second property. Dave’s daughter Debbie recalls getting a call from her brother’s girlfriend Nancy, who said the sheriff’s office called because Dave’s phone was found on the side of the road. Another call came in, saying the dogs were abandoned. At this point, Debbie knew something was very wrong.

Ger’s son Dean also becomes concerned when he is unable to reach her. At first, he thinks it is because of the snowy weather, but soon realizes something is wrong. The police are called for a welfare check and it is discovered they never got to their destination.

Debbie and her husband Steve are also a part of the search. Steve finds fresh footprints and hears some noises, discovering a male in the area.

He and several others try and stop him, but he runs away. Since there is no proof that he did anything wrong, there is nothing more he can do.

Dean recalls Ger saying her power bill was going up at the property, despite the fact that she and Dave were not there. They began to suspect that a squatter was in the area.

The family becomes more concerned and before long, there is an all hands on deck search in effect. Ammunition and firearms were found in the cabin where they found the squatter. Further investigation shows that the Coveys were murdered and burned.

A major investigation begins as they try to figure out who could have killed the couple. The name Dylan Harrington was found on some mail, making him the prime suspect in the double murder.

The family is notified of the double murder and are left wondering why and how this could have happened.

Dylan was 25 at the time of the murders.

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Dylan’s mother tried to help authorities to help find him and even let them read messages on social media and showed them other places he may be.

Both Ger and Dave were shot to death before being set on fire. It is believed that the Coveys went to see what was happening with the electric bill and ran into Dylan, who then in turned killed them.

Dylan Harrington is now in his late twenties, five foot nine and weighs approximately 150 lbs. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes and likes crystals, the metaphysical and mango smoothies.  He usually carries a backpack and is known to live off the grid. There is a possibility that he could also be in Canada.



Kashawn Roper is wanted for murder after allegedly shooting a mother of three in Kansas City. She has two gold teeth and multiple tattoos and may be in Missouri, Colorado, South Dakota or Texas.



Simon Storm is wanted for questioning in the 2013 murder of Laura Howard.


Greg and Cassie Howard were planning on seeing their mom Laura before her murder. A few days before Greg was due to visit, he noticed she seemed off. He went to visit as planned on April 27th, but she was not at the airport or at the house. Her neighbor Sally Berger told him she was concerned because she was not seen in days and that she suspected something happened to her at the hands of her boyfriend. She also suspected that the boyfriend stole the car.

Greg and Cassie both called Sally and were told about Simon Storm. They suspected that he was using a fake name. Simon had claimed he was an illegal immigrant from Canada and was a professor who was in Florida to reunite with his estranged child. Both Greg and Cassie thought this rang false and that he was running some sort of con.

On May 3rd, Laura’s house was searched, and her decomposing body was found in the tub. While it is believed that her death was a homicide, due to the level of decomposing of her body, her cause of death is unknown.

A search for Simon is underway as neighbors are questioned. They had seen him come and go from the house and suspected something was wrong.

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Facial recognition software was used to try and figure out Simon’s true identity based on video footage. He is then identified as Robert Thomas Kuehn.

On June 5th, a new tip came in from across the state, saying elderly, disabled woman was being taking advantage of by a man named Alex Debel. She had rented a room to him and he offered to be her caregiver, even offering to bathe her. The woman’s brother became suspicious and asked for identification, but ‘Alex’ fled the home. The police were called and his room was searched….where documents belonging to Laura were found, including banking statements, her passport and her driver’s license. The woman was shown a picture of Robert and claimed it was the same man who was renting the room.



The partial remains of a young Hispanic boy were found on April 9, 2012 in the Lukeville, Arizona area. He is believed to have been dead for eight months before his remains were found and that he was between the ages of sixteen and twenty at the time of his death. He is known as John Lukeville Doe.



On May 27th, 2022, the Parker, Colorado police received a call about an attempted suicide of a girl named ‘Nora.’ (Not her real name) Nora had met a guy on Snapchat, who offered her alcohol, drugs and vapes.

The guy knew she was sixteen and continued to pursue her despite being 34. Nora would go on to send him nudes and met with him to get booze and money. The two had sex and it soon got violent. She would report this man, but by the time detectives looked into it, the account had disappeared.


However, Nora still had the username, which helped detectives discover his identity…..Andrew Sebastian Rosa. Further investigation showed he was involved in exploiting children and trafficking.


Sixty miles away, another young woman named Amelia shares her story with Callahan Walsh and her mother Mary by her side. She reveals that she and another friend named Ginny were told to do things for drugs and booze at the request of a man who turned out to be Andrew. She reveals the disturbing things they were forced to and how she was too afraid to say no.

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Mary recalls how Amelia began to shut down after the incident and the moment Amelia finally opened up about what happened. She and Amelia’s father went to the cops to report him, but Andrew continued to pursue Amelia. Mary then pretended to be Amelia to get Andrew to talk and sent the messages to the police. The messages were disturbing in nature and even asked for details about Amelia’s younger sister.


Mary planned on meeting him, but Andrew would delete his profile before that could happen. He would also send partial selfies when Mary would ask for a picture.


Detective John High discusses how he used the photos Andrew sent (despite only being partial photos in some cases) against DMV records to figure out his identity. A warrant was issued for his arrest, but Andrew has since fled the area. He has not been seen since May 29, 2022.  His car was found in Utah on the edge of the Moab desert on September 30th, 2022, but nothing else has been found since.


Andrew is six foot one, 36 years old and weighs 200 lbs. He had blue eyes, brown hair and several tattoos, including the words good times with liquor bottles on his left pec, a guitar tattoo on his chest, an Ohio tattoo with the numbers 186 on his right forearm and a dog bone tattoo with the name Rosie on his left wrist. He has ties to Ohio and Canada and is believed to be still contacting young girls online.



Derlis Padilla Torres is wanted for allegedly murdering his cousin in Florida. He has a scorpion tattoo on the back of his right hand and may be hiding in Honduras.



Four-year-old Steven Bryan was last seen on June 15th, 2022 in Mooresville, Indiana. He is believed to be with his non-custodial mother, 29-year-old Deborah Bryan and her boyfriend, 30-year-old Caleb Blevins. They are all still believed to be in Indiana. A felony arrest warrant is out for Deborah.

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