The Amazing Race Recap for 11/1/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/1/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/1/2023

This week on CBS’s The Amazing Race opens with the U-Turn vote. This season, the teams will vote on who gets it rather than a random team giving it to another. We don’t find out who has it yet, but it seems like Steve and Anna Leigh, Robbin and Chelsea and Rob and Corey are among the contenders, as well as Greg and John.


Time for the leg to begin. The teams leave in the order they arrived at the pit stop and must head to a shoe store to find their first clue.


Anna Leigh and Steve leave first but fall behind when they are dropped off at the wrong location and must double back. Once they get to the shoe store, they get their clue and head to Hawa Mahal, where they must move rickshaws to help get them to the next location.


Their happiness in finishing the task is short lived since they are the ones who were U-Turned. They now must do both detours—Bundles, which has them bundle flowers and deliver them to two different temple and Bricks, which has them pick up bricks, sand and gravel to bring to a construction site. Both tasks require them to bring receipts back to the vendors. They begin with bundles.


One by one, the teams complete the first task and head to the detours. Greg and John, Joel and Garrett, Todd and Ashlie and Rob, Robbin and Chelsea and Corey choose Bricks, while Andrea and Malania, Morgan and Lena and Yeremi and Liam choose Bundles.

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As Anna Leigh and Steve head to Bricks, they realize they forgot to give the receipt to the vendor and must go back. Meanwhile, the other teams remain hard at work on their respective detours.


Liam and Yeremi are behind due to getting lost.


John and Greg complete the Bricks detour, with Rob and Corey and Todd and Ashlie hot on their heels.


Morgan and Lena argue as they put the bundles together.


Joel and Garrett stop for water to replenish and are able to continue with the Brick detour.


The teams who have finished the detour head to Garg Textile Wholesale Fabric Shop, which leads them to Jaipur Mahal, where the Roadblock clue is located. They must block print nine images of a Peacock, which is the national bird of India, in a satisfactory way. The aforementioned teams that completed their chosen detours get started, with Morgan and Lena and Steve and Anna Leigh joining them as they finish their own detours,


The other teams continue to work on and eventually complete their detours.


Once the teams finish their Roadblocks, they head to Badi Chaupar for the pit stop.


Greg and John are the first to finish the Roadblock and become team #1 and win a trip to New Zealand.


The Roadblock teams seem to struggle with the task. Robbin and Chelsea and Liam and Yeremi are the ones who are the farthest behind.


One by one, the teams finish the Roadblock and head to the pit stop.

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Rob and Corey, Joel and Garrett, Morgan and Lena, Todd and Ashlie, Andrea and Malania, Steve and Anna Leigh, Robbin and Chelsea and Yeremi and Liam check in…..with Yeremi and Liam being eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned.


1.Greg and John—win trip to New Zealand!

  1. Rob and Corey
  2. Joel and Garrett
  3. Morgan and Lena
  4. Todd and Ashlie
  5. Andrea and Malania
  6. Steve and Anna Leigh
  7. Robbin and Chelsea
  8. Liam and Yeremi—Eliminated
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