Masterchef Junior Recap for Gordon Demo

Masterchef Junior Recap for Gordon Demo

Masterchef Junior Recap for Gordon Demo

-It is semifinals night on Masterchef Junior! One cook will be eliminated before the grand finale next week.

-The final four will have to copy Chef Gordon Ramsay in a demonstration to prep them for the penultimate cooking challenge.

-They will have to break down a duck, similar to how a chicken would be broken down.

-The poor kiddos look so confused. I am right there with them….I could never do this.

-Once the ducks are broken down, they must cook a duck dish alongside Chef Gordon Ramsay himself. Everything must be done at the same time, and they must all make the exact same duck a l’orange. They will have an additional sixty seconds to plate.

-I am overwhelmed just watching this!

-Remy got yelled at for telling a joke, which seems to stress her out.

-The pressure is on, and the kids get more and more overwhelmed.

-Poor Asher seems to be struggling and falling behind.

-Bryson also falls behind and tries to rush things, only to make things worse.

-Remy’s sauce burns.

-The kids are in the home stretch with plating.

-Bryson continues to fall behind and ends up in tears due to his plating being messed up.

-Michael hugging Bryson is by far one of my favorite moments of the series. The other kids joining in on the hug makes me cry.

-One by one, the judges taste each dish, commenting on the cook, flavor and presentation.

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-Remy’s dish is perfectly cooked.

-Michael’s dish is almost identical to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s and tastes even better.

-Bryson’s dish is messy, but the duck is well-cooked. The broccolini is charred.

-Asher’s dish is missing the sauce and the duck is undercooked.

-Michael wins the challenge and is in the finale.

-Remy is also in the finale.

-Bryson and Asher are in the bottom two, with Asher going home.

-Finale next week! Stay tuned!

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