Masterchef Junior Recap for Mystery Box

Masterchef Junior Recap for Mystery Box

Masterchef Junior Recap for Mystery Box

-Tonight, our remaining Masterchef Junior kids will have to make a meal out of their least favorite ingredient.

-Alfred has bleu cheese and compares it to cow poop.

-Michael hates mushrooms…..and the fact that he has to cook with them.

-Jordyn has kale and says it is like the Grinch’s brain.

-Lilo has oysters and compares it to the monsters under her bed.

-Remy has tomatoes and says she hates the texture.

-The winner of the challenge will get e-bikes for the whole family.

-Asher has anchovies, but plans on putting them in a tomato sauce with pasta.

-Remy uses her tomatoes to make a fried green tomato and egg dish.

-Lilo makes her oysters three ways, just like she does in her family restaurant.

-Lilo does an oyster shot, which impresses everyone. It leads to everyone else tasting their own foods.

-Poor Bryson has to eat a lima bean in front of Tilly. I feel so bad for him.

-As always, the judges walk around to offer advice and encouragement.

-When time is up, the judges taste each dish and give their assessments.

-Asher’s anchovy pasta is a hit, especially since the pasta is perfectly cooked.

-Remy’s tomato eggs Benedict dish is beautiful and delicious.

-Michael’s mushroom ribeye and plantains is full of flavor.

-Bryson’s lamb and succotash is full of technique and finesse.

-The winner of the night is…..Michael!

-Lilo’s oysters three ways is overcooked and missed the mark.

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-Alfred’s NY strip with bleu cheese compound butter is overcooked, but the compound butter is delicious.

-Jordyn’s sole and kale sides are not cooked up to par.

-Lilo is eliminated.

-More next week stay tuned.

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