Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

-Will is in Puerto Rico!

-I am loving the bond between Antonio and Will, but so scared that Antonio is going to do something to hurt Will.

-I wonder if Javier is related to the family?

-Will left before eating his breakfast?

-I love Will learning Spanish on the beach.

-Will talking to his mom’s spirit and opening up to her is making me emotional….especially when she tells him to let go and not be so hard on himself.

-I love the symbolism of Will being in the water….just floating and trying to let it all go.

-Angie’s attack scared the ever-living shit out of me…..and it looks like she got badly hurt. I am glad Michael and the other officers were there to help her.

-I am glad that the paramedic was understanding about Angie not wanting to take pain meds due to being in recovery.  I just hope Angie doesn’t change her mind about them and end up falling off the wagon.

-Will’s family reunion is so sweet, but I have a bad feeling it is going to end in tragedy.

-Will has a great aunt but won’t meet her until he goes back to take care of Angie and Betty. That is somehow on brand for him.

-Michael and Faith dealing with the murder of the child molester has me shaking. Their reactions make so much sense, but it has to be so hard for them.

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-Will got home from Puerto Rico quickly! I know he said he was going home, but that was one quick flight.

-Javi is dead…..I wonder how it happened and who is connected to the murder.

-Someone else is dead too….did the same guy kill them both?

-How did Javi and Antonio get to Atlanta? Did they go with Will? I am so confused.

-Antonio is acting awfully cagey and belligerent….was he involved in Javier’s murder?

-Why would the FBI think Will was involved in the murder? Why was there an informant in Puerto Rico?

-Antonio and Javi were working together on something the FBI got wind of…which probably led to Javi’s murder, but I am so confused as to what they are involved in exactly. I know it has to do with the history of Puerto Rico, but I am still so confused.

-I have a feeling the murder Michael and Faith are working on and Javi’s murder are going to be connected somehow.

-Javi and the second victim shot each other and the FBI agent thinks Antonio is involved somehow….AND is searching Will’s office.

-Faith and Michael arrest a bounty hunter and someone throws pee on them….this episode is so confusing….why is the bounty hunter dude just going along with the arrest when it seems like he wants to help them?

-Javi was blackmailing someone….but why?

-It seems like Doug the bounty hunter dude has motive to kill the child molester, would have loved to get rid of him, but can prove he is innocent. However, did he hire someone to kill him?

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-Max got into a fight defending Michael because there is a video going around involving Michael’s case with the child molester. How did someone get the video and did they not realize that Michael was doing his job?

-Angie, Will and Antonio checking out Milton’s (second victim) house is so badass….even though Angie is stealing his family’s cereal.

-Will found a flash drive behind a magnet….only to be caught by Amanda, who reluctantly decides to work with them.

-FBI Agent Kristen (the one investigating Antonio and Will) was taking bribes. It seems like Javi and Milton found out, which led to him being killed.

-Javi has the information that proves FBI Agent Kristen is dirty….and now so do Will and company.

-The person who released Michael’s video also released Max’s personal information, which can lead to his or her arrest.

-Antonio acting like James Bond (his words) to help take down Kristen was so badass….as was Amanda’s assistant Caroline bugging her dry cleaning.

-I did not see a nineteen-year-old hacker being behind the murder of the child molester coming. The video I kind of could see though.

-I love the relationship between Angie and Crystal. I hope we continue to see it throughout the series.

-Somehow, seeing Antonio and Will say goodbye is more emotional than I expected. Seeing the dogs say goodbye is even sadder.

-Another dead body was found in the same way the sex offender was….but this time the hacker wasn’t involved. Is there another killer? Or was the hacker never the killer at all?

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-Season finale next week, stay tuned.

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