Masterchef Junior Recap for Eating Emoji

Masterchef Junior Recap for Eating Emoji

Masterchef Junior Recap for 3/18/2024


Masterchef Junior Recap for Eating Emoji

-Masterchef Junior is back with Chef Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay, Daphne Oz and Aaron Sanchez.

-Tilly is so cute with the kids! She gives them each an emoji cookie, which they will use as an inspiration for their dish.

-The winner will get a trip to Vegas.

-With only an hour to cook, the junior chefs rush to begin cooking.

-Asher makes surf and turf for his happy emoji.

-Kristell makes empanadas for her heart emoji.

-Bryson is from Wisconsin and is known as ‘Cheese Curd.’ He makes a steak for his cool emoji

-Remy is inspired to cook by her grandma and has a spunky personality. She makes a chicken dish for her cool emoji.

-Michael also gets the cool emoji and makes a flipping shrimp pasta dish.

-Lilo makes Chef Ramsay wear a bow. She is the sassy one and I love her for it! She makes steak flying noodles for her silly emoji.

-Bre makes a heart burger for her heart emoji.

-Jordyn is a oageant girl who makes a pork chop dish to represent her heart emoji.

-Miles makes a scallop dish for his happy face emoji. He talks about being born with one arm and how he doesn’t let it define him.

-Before long, time is up and the judges walk around, talking to the kids and tasting each dish.

-Remy’s Sunshine on a Plate chicken and potato dish is full of flavor and a phenomenal first effort.

-Michael’s shrimp and pasta with pesto sauce is cooked beautifully and well-seasoned.

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-Bryson’s ribeye cap and potatoes are awesome and delicious.

-Bryson wins the challenge and a trip to Vegas. He is also safe for the evening.

-Remy and Michael are also safe.

-Lilo’s steak flying pasta is unevenly cooked. However, it is creative and has some good flavoring.

-Miles’s scallop dish has beautifully cooked scallops, but the sides bring the dish down.

-Bre’s heart burger is overcooked and the potatoes are undercooked.

-Bre is eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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