Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Heart Attack Boys

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Heart Attack Boys

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for The Heart Attack Boys

The episode opens with Abishola visiting Christina, who has some big news….she is going to be an auntie! Abishola is confused since she didn’t know Christina was dating someone and because she has no idea who the father is…..yet. Christina explains she is using a sperm donor and needs someone to lean on…..namely, Abishola. She agrees and gives Christina her hormone shot in her rear end….pretending to count to three…..for her own fun.


The next day, Abishola tells Gloria and Kemi the news. Kemi thinks Christina will need a cover story, while Gloria compliments her for being a liberated woman. Abishola thinks the baby will be fine since she was a single mom too, but Kemi points out that Dele is going to be a dancer. Gloria disagrees and thinks she did a great job raising him.


That night, Abishola shares the news with Bob, who is shocked and upset over the news. He doesn’t think she can do it and wants Abishola to talk her out of it. Abishola thinks they should support her and he reluctantly agrees to at least pretend to be supportive.


Abishola continues to support Christina with the too-quick shots and explaining how they work. Christina gets a bit sassy due to the hormones, which Abishola finds amusing. She also wants to know if Bob knows since he Venmoed her money. Abishola denies it, but Christina sees through her lie.

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Later on, Abishola, Bob and Christina talk about the baby when Dottie comes home, complaining about her female Uber driver. Christina tells her about the baby, which Dottie takes surprisingly well. She is thrilled to finally become a grandma. Bob and Abishola ask about Dele and Dottie says that she wants one she can ‘put her stink on.’


The baby talk leads to Bob and Abishola revisiting the idea of kids, leading to them arguing about the issue. Dottie and Christina leave since it is ‘not good for her eggs.’


The next day, Bob talks to Dele about being an older dad. Dele wonders if he and Abishola want another baby, but Bob remains tight lipped. Dele promises to take care of him when he is older by feeding him applesauce, like once of his friends does for his own dad.


Dottie researches baby names, but Bob thinks Christina should have a say in the name and raising the baby. Dottie says she will need help, but Bob worries about her health, leading to an argument about health and Dottie saying she is fine because she can drink like a teenager. They continue to debate on the life of the baby.


Abishola, Kemi and Gloria are out for drinks, discussing if Abishola should have a baby. They discuss motherhood and empty nest syndrome. Abishola thinks she and Bob would have a cute baby, so Kemi makes her drink more.


Dottie takes care of Christina and says she wants to be there every step of the way. Christina asks about motherhood, leading to a sweet mother/daughter bonding moment.

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Abishola comes home drunk and tries to bond with Dele….by stealing his grilled cheese and trying to have a heart to heart with him. He is confused and goes to make her coffee. They share memories of him growing up and he gives his blessing for her and Bob to have a baby. She leaves to go to see Bob.

Bob can also tell she was drinking and says he came to a decision. He is okay with living life the way it is, but she just wants to be amorous….and isn’t even listening. He gives up and kisses her.


Abishola, Dottie, Bob and Christina go over the donor options and dream about what baby ‘Moses’ (Dottie’s name for the baby) will end up like as the episode comes to an end.

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