Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Worth the Cooties

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Worth the Cooties


Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Worth the Cooties

The episode opens with Christina, Abishola and Dottie doing yoga. Dottie acts sassy about it, while Abishola wonders what this has to do with getting pregnant. Christina chants about the female anatomy while Dottie and Abishola want to stop because they don’t want to do it.


Christina is upset and says she needs their support. She gets even angrier when Dottie says she threw out her herbs and continues to make fun of her. Thus results in both of them getting kicked out and saying Christina needs a sense of humor pose.


Abishola and Dottie discuss the Christina situation and debate what to do next. Abishola wants to work, but Dottie convinces her to do something fun….after she gets her fiber pills.


Bob, Kofo and Goodwin discuss business. Goodwin wants to fire people, but Bob says that is not necessary. He tries to push the guys to work, but Bob vetoes that in favor of going to lunch instead. Kofo agrees and off they go.


Abishola and Dottie go to an estate sale, which kind of weirds Abishola out, until she finds a serving tray she likes. Dottie shows her how to haggle.


Bob and Kofo order lunch, with Goodwin wanting to focus on work. He finally orders food, but still wants to work. The other two try to get him to loosen up.


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Abishola and Dottie continue to shop at the sale, which is at the house belonging to Dottie’s late friend….or frenemy as the case may be. Dottie gossips about her, much to Abishola’s delight.


Christina calls Doug for support, who is confused at first, but goes to help her. He goes to tell Goodwin, who is at lunch. Doug leaves, but steals the food Kofo left behind.


The guys continue to enjoy lunch and drinks, which loosens Goodwin up more than they expected….thanks to being in sangria heaven. They toast to blowing… steam.


Christina is freaking out over mold, which turns out to be mango yogurt. Doug eats it and goes to leave, but stays when he realizes Christina is freaking out. He convinces her that she is a strong, brave woman who is going to be a great mom. They end up bonding over never giving up and becoming stronger…despite being late bloomers. He says she can call him first next time, but she says she probably won’t, much to his relief.


Dottie opens a box from the estate sale, which has ‘the good weed.’ She and Abishola smoke it and enjoy being stoned together. Abishola admits she used to smoke in Amsterdam years ago and Dottie admits that she had many lovers. Abishola says that isn’t a secret, so Dottie admits that she hates being along because it scares her. They share a sweet moment with Dottie wanting to do something together tomorrow.


Bob, Kofo and Goodwin argue over movie characters they represent and try to focus on work. Goodwin pitches an idea about getting materials from Zimbabwe to save money while still having quality materials. Kofo vetoes the idea, but Bob is for it and impressed that he came up with it at their lunch.

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Abishola and Dottie go back to Christina’s and pretend to be the cops. Doug opens up and says she is sleeping. He is also cooking for her and brings her water when she wakes up. Dottie and Abishola are confused….as is he when he smells the weed as he shows them to the door. Dottie blames Abishola and tells Doug she is a terrible influence.


The episode ends with Bob walking in on Abishola playing video games. She says she smoked weed from the magic jewelry box, while he joins her for the game….saying she must be high if he wants to spend time with Dottie.

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