The Biggest Loser Recap 3/24/2020: Who Made It To The Finale?

Biggest loser

THE BIGGEST LOSER -- "Final Four" Episode 109 -- Pictured (l-r) Kyle Yeo, Micah Collum, Steve Cook -- (Photo by: John Britt/USA Network)

Tonight is week nine of The Biggest Loser on USA Network. Last week, we saw Kristi go home, where she continued to lose more weight and gain more confidence. We are at the penultimate episode of the season. In one week, we will see who wins this season….$100,000, a trip to Universal Studios and a home gym.

We open with everyone chatting about their time on the show before we get into the workouts. Jim and Teri go with Steve, Kyle and Micah go with Erica. Steve focuses on the lower body, while Erica focuses on the upper. Due to Teri’s broken leg, Steve must get creative with the workouts. 

It takes everyone a bit of getting used to, especially Micah, who ends up getting pushed to his limit by Erica. She simply sees more in him than he does and wants to see him reach that potential.

Challenge time! It is one final mile run. Teri has to sit out due to her leg.

Everyone looks back on their journey and pushes themselves to their limits. Jim struggles, but keeps going. 

Micah is in first place (9:6), followed by Kyle (11:32) and Jim (12:48). There are tears all around. However, Jim won for most improved and gets a 1 lb advantage in the weigh in. 

Afterward, Bob talks to them about how their lives changed and gives them messages from themselves at the beginning of the journey. It is a tear fest all around and wonderful to see how they have grown. Micah is even going to attend AA meetings when he goes home. 

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After the final last chance workout, we find out who is in the final three based on the weigh in. 

Kyle: 246-7=239 lbs and 2.85%

Micah: 262-8=254 lbs and 3.05%

Jim: 290-10=280 lbs-1 lb advantage 3.79%

Teri: 206-1-205 lbs and 0.49%

Teri is going home one week shy of the finale. It is a tearful goodbye for everyone. She also gets a Planet Fitness membership, nutritionist and support system. 


UPDATE: She continued to lose weight and got her boot off. She looks amazing and happier than ever. 

Season finale next week! Stay tuned.

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