Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for 9/9/2020: S10 Reunion Part 2


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:10 -- Pictured: (l-r) Garcelle Beauvais, Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/Bravo)

Tonight is the second part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion on Bravo. Last week was filled with anger, tears and drama, as well as a lot of accusations of gaslighting. It looks like this week is more of the same.


This episode opens with Kyle’s attitude toward the women, especially Dorit during the infamous retreat debacle. They also get into her relationship with Teddi, which some of the women find weird. Kyle says that Teddi is simply a better friend and there is nothing wrong with them sharing a bed.


Dorit and Kyle continue to fight over how Kyle feels attacked by her…..and the feeling is mutual.


Then Kyle is called out about calling Denise a ragamuffin. She tries to defend herself, but Dorit attacks her again and Andy ends the segment.


We then get into Lisa’s time on the show, which leads to everyone asking about her dancing….and the comment Garcelle made about how the dancing impacts Amelia’s anxiety. This leads to the whole mom shaming debacle and Lisa’ sex book.


Teddi’s pregnancy is the next topic and Erika says she was more worried than Teddi because she hadn’t been pregnant or around pregnant women in a long time.


The topic then switches to the baby bunny from season seven and how Lisa had to get Teddi a unicorn because they no longer made the bunny. Andy quipped that Lisa is the one who gets people table dancing at baby showers.


Teddi then gets into how her daughter hurt her finger and how everyone helped…..and that she is fine!

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Finally….we get into the whole drama with Denise and Brandi. Denise is firm that she is not friends with Brandi and Lisa calls her a liar. Denise tells her that she needs to stop playing this card. She says they were not really friends and she was just nice to her.


Everyone wants to know where Brandi is and Andy says there is nothing more to add. Denise says Brandi is harassing her and she would not want to be there with Brandi. Dorit says she is on Denise’s side, but she did say some things as well. Lisa attacks Denise, saying that she should not have been with Brandi.


Everyone wants to know who else Brandi slept with and Denise refuses to spill the tea.


Teddi wants to know what else Denise said about her and she says she is a S**t stirrer and now she doesn’t like her.


The women continue to fight with Denise and we have to find out more next week.


Now it is time to see the one on one with Brandi on WWHL!


She says she and Denise were more than friends and she has no idea what to think at this point. She adds that she may be an A*****e, but she tells the truth.…..she just throws accusations when she has a temper.


According to Brandi, they made out in the bathroom during their first meeting, Denise touched her boobs and then they had sex when they were away. She also says she did NOT have sex with anyone on the show (other than Denise) but if she could, it would be Erika.

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She is also upset about the cover up and would have talked to her about it at the reunion.


Oh, and she says she has been talking to Heather Locklear, who also got a cease ans desist from Denise.

THAT was the big OMG interview? Everything else was just games. I could have told you all of that by reading Brandi’s Twitter….I thought she was releasing texts and such. Oh well, more next week for the reunion. Stay tined.

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