Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kill the Cat

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kill the Cat

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kill the Cat

The episode opens with Bob pouring Abishola a glass of wine. She quips that she is happier to see the wine than him. As they banter, Ebun walks in, looking for her lucky scarf for the casino. She says she wore it to the wedding and they are still married, although she says she should have worn it for her first wedding.


Bob and Abishola make plans for the night, which includes lovemaking. Dele walks in, saying he is going to study with his friend Jeremy. As he leaves, she says he shouldn’t walk away until she dismisses him and is done talking, but Bob reminds her of their plans and lets him go.


Dottie walks in ready to go to the casino when Olu calls, saying that Tunde was in a car accident. They all go to the hospital, with Dottie saying the scarf may not be so lucky.


At the hospital, Ebun and Dottie pray for Tunde to be okay so they can go to the casino. Tunde comes out and says he will be fine, while Olu takes care of the insurance and bill.


Abishola questions him to make sure he is okay and not suffering from any other issues. He claims that he was avoiding a cat, which makes everyone wonder if he should be driving. Tunde claims he is fine as they all leave, with Dottie and Ebun going to the casino via an Uber.

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The next day, Bob takes Tunde to the eye doctor, promising him ice cream if he is good. Tunde says he will hold him to it, but not before giving him grief.


Abishola fills Gloria and Kemi in about the Tunde situation, leading to them talking about their folks getting older….and how Gloria farts when she sneezes and coughs.


At dinner, Olu gives Tunde his glasses. He resists wearing them, but she, Bob and Abishola insist, so he relents. Olu says he looks like a Nigerian Clark Kent, but Tunde won’t stop complaining and says he doesn’t need glasses. Olu tests him by sending a text, which he fails. Tunde admits that the DMV took away his license and he has been in multiple accidents.


Everyone convinces him that it will be fine and they will help him, but it turns into the men and women debating over which gender drives better.


Another day passes. Bob drives Tunde to an appointment, even though he insists he could have walked. Bob tries to convince him everything will be okay, but Tunde admits that there was never a cat, he confused the gas and break pedal, more than once. The two of them have a heart to heart about health, including Bob’s weight loss. Tunde somehow thinks he should get a younger wife, which confuses Bob.


The ladies enjoy drinks together, even though Dottie has trouble hearing Abishola. Ebun and Dottie decide to go to the casino again…without Tunde because they think that things will end up revolving around him. They talk about how things are changing and how friends are gone.

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Later on, Bob catches Dele sneaking back in from the library,  only to find out he has a girlfriend named Jennifer. They have a heart to heart about it before Bob goes to bed.


Tunde takes the bus with Abishola and ends up annoying people. She tells him Olu can drive him around, but he vows to make the best of it….but changes his mind when he sits next to a guy eating a whole onion.


The episode ends with Tunde being a backseat driver to Olu and her kicking him out of the car.

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