Lego Masters Recap for 8/17/2021

Lego Masters Recap for 8/17/2021

Lego Masters Recap for 8/17/2021

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s Lego Masters opens with Will Arnett telling the final six teams will be making their own puppets. As a refresher, here are your teams!


Zack and Wayne (Brothers)
Mark and Steven (Brothers)
Natalie and Michelle (Friends)
Dave and Richard (Friends)
Caleb and Jacob (Brothers)
Bryan and Lauren (Siblings)


The puppets with have to have one movable part and be lovable and original. The teams will then pair up to put on a show.


Teams pairs:

Zack and Wayne with Dave and Richard

Mark and Steven with Caleb and Jacob

Natalie and Michelle with Bryan and Lauren


The brothers all want to make the dragon, but decide Mark and Steven will make the dragon, while Caleb and Jacob will make a princess.


As always, Will and the Brickmasters Amy and Jamie walk around, giving commentary and talking to each team.


Zack and Wayne seem to be doing well and are even able to get the mouth on their puppet. However, Lauren and Bryan and Natalie and Michelle both seem to struggle.


Before long, time is up. Mark and Steven opt to NOT use their golden brick, despite the fact that they were struggling.


Showtime! Dave and Richard and Zack and Wayne have a pirate themed show that has actual sword fighting and a DJ.


Caleb and Jacob and Mark and Steven’s dragon and Princess Samantha interact, but you can see the puppets being supported.

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Natalie and Michelle and Bryan and Lauren present a grandma and princess pup. It goes well….until the arms fall off.


Mark and Steven and Zack and Wayne are the top two teams, with Mark and Steven winning.


Lauren and Bryan and Michelle and Natalie are in the bottom two, with Lauren and Bryan going home.


More next week, stay tuned.

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