Night Court Recap for Taught and Bothered

Night Court Recap for Taught and Bothered

Night Court Recap for Taught and Bothered

The episode opens with Abby presiding over a case involving a bad haircut. It is their last case of the night, surprising Olivia and leading to Wyatt randomly acting like a DJ and some random guy raising the roof.

The conversation turns to Gurgs and Olivia making plans and talking about a male strip club. It turns out that the two of them are living together for the time being. Abby compares them to Bert and Ernie without the sexual tension.


Gurgs tells Abby someone is checking her out and after some back and forth, she goes to introduce herself to him. After sharing fun facts, Jake says he is running a sensitivity seminar she is attending. Meanwhile, Gurgs and Dan talk about strip clubs.


Everyone, including Flobert, are attending the seminar. Abby and Dan chat before going in to join everyone. Jake promises to make it quick, even though there is a lot to do. He also sympathizes with them since he would rather be hiking. They all discuss how to handle different sensitivity and boundary situations with Dan handling things correctly and Abby being in the wrong. This leads to her trying to debate Jake, only for Wyatt to snort. Jake asks him to share since ‘if there is a snort, there is a story to report.’


Wyatt complains about Dan never saying thank you, which confuses Dan and leaves Olivia wondering if any of them are on the same page. The whole thing leads to everyone airing their grievances and Jake realizing that this will take longer than he though. All the while, Flobert plays a video game, which scares him when a shark appears.

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The next day in court, Abby calls Jake out on how things went down at the seminar. This leads to them arguing and Flobert randomly asking if he wants to buy a timeshare in Cleveland.


Before the court cases begin, Dan apologizes to Wyatt in several different languages and gives him an Elvis thank you card.


The first case is against professional cuddlers. Dan defends them while Olivia tries to get them charged. The defendants try to guy Dan, who declines. Once the case is dismissed, they cuddle with  Gurgs.


A quartet sings thank you to Wyatt. The gang goes to the chambers, where Dan says he doesn’t actually want to thank Wyatt because thank yous are earned. Meanwhile, Gurgs and Olivia continue to fight over creamer and roommate issues, causing Gurgs to storm out. Abby follows suit, blaming Jake for their issues.


In the cafeteria, Flobert tries to talk Jake into a timeshare when Abby comes in to talk to Jake about the issues. The two of them argue on how work and personal lives should be handled….with Flobert coming back to try and sell the timeshare.


Wyatt goes into the courtroom to talk to Dan about the thank you flash mob, while Gurgs and Olivia snipe and each other and Flobert talks about him and his wife sharing everything but the bed. Abby walks in, saying they are meeting with Jake, but he is being held by the cuddlers.

Abby tries to handle things on her own and gets Gurgs to admit she is mad at Olivia over the creamer because it was something that was all hers. Abby has Gurgs let go by having Flobert drink the creamer, but it only leads to more fighting with Gurgs and Olivia. Abby tries to fix things, but only continues to make things worse as Jake accuses her of hijacking the seminar.

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Abby takes Jake back to the chambers, where they argue over the seminar and things that drive them crazy about the other…..which leads to them making out. The others walk in to see if they can leave and run. Dan, who was a few steps behind, thanks Wyatt for filling him in on the situation and they run in opposite directions.


Abby and Jake continue to bond in the cafeteria and come to an agreement on the seminar.


Everyone watches videos in the courtroom, with Abby glad they are all getting along. Gurgs shares her creamer with Abby, which Wyatt got from a friend. He says it made mice age in reverse….and Flobert walks in as a kid while the episode comes to a close.



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