America’s Most Wanted Recap for 1/22/2024

America's Most Wanted Recap for 1/22/2024

America’s Most Wanted Recap for 1/22/2024

-America’s Most Wanted is back and better than ever with John Walsh returning, this time joined by his son Callahan.

-The tipline for the show is 1-866-AMW-TIPS….and tips can also be sent to


-Tuscon, Arizona. Luis and Andrea (aka Vanessa) Ramirez are on the run after being arraigned for sexual exploitation of a minor in 2018. They skipped town, but not before kidnapping their own children after losing custody.

-Luis’s sister-in-law Erika recalls Luis meeting Vanessa, falling in love and starting a family. She noticed that their son Luisito was behind developmentally, which worried her.

-Things got even scarier when she found out Luis and Vanessa were sexually exploiting a minor, This, coupled with weapons in the house, caused Erika to take action and bring Luisito in the house. She and her family were able to get him up to speed developmentally and give him the love they deserved.

-Erika and her husband also took in Kahmila, Vanessa and Luis’s second child who was removed by CPS when she was born.

-In April 2018, Luis and Vanessa were indicted with 20 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of child abuse. As they awaited trial, they had supervised visits with the kids.

-On May 4th, 2018, Luis and Vanessa kidnapped the kids during a supervised visit.

-Erika is with John and Callahan and shares more about the case and how she will stop at nothing to get them back. They both comfort her, with John relating to her since he went through the same thing when it came to finding his son Adam’s killer.

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-A woman, who turned out to be the case worker for the Ramirez kids, was found bound and tied to a tree. Vanessa and Luis, who did it, were long gone.

-The next day, the car used by the Ramirezes was found, but they were long gone, assumed to have gotten over the Mexican border by foot.

-Elizabeth Smart joins the Walshes to share her own abduction experience and offer insight on the Ramirez case. She also tells people to trust their gut if something doesn’t seem right with a child with an adult.

-Elizabeth also tells kids that they should not be neglected and hurt and if they are, not to be afraid to kick, yell, scream etc. to make it known they are not safe.

-Luis is 5’6″, 230 lbs and has brown hair and brown eyes. Vanessa is 5’1″, 220 lbs and has brown hair and brown eyes. However, their appearances could have changed. Luis is now 11 and Kahmila is five. They both have black hair and brown eyes.

-Anyone with information is urged to contact the tipline and guaranteed that they can remain anonymous.



-John announces that this is the 23rd anniversary of the Texas 7 capture.

-The show was helped put 1,191 criminals behind bars….and counting.



-There is a serial stalker named Jacob Dean Smart in Boise, Idaho. He is known for following women, breaking into their homes and stealing firearms and underwear. He is 5’11”, 200 lbs and is 38 years old. He is Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes.

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-Chicago, Illinois. Estrella Carrera was the life of the party and loved by everyone she knew. She was a devoted mom and met Arnaldo Jimenez, who would become the father of her second child. He was abusive and controlling to the point where Estrella’s daughter lived in fear of him. (She revealed this by having her appearance blurred.)

-Arnaldo and Estrella would get married on May 11, 2012, but the celebration was short-lived. On their wedding night, he would end up killing her.

-Estrella was due to attend a family event the next day, but never showed up. Her family did a welfare check and discovered that she was murdered in the bathtub….after being stabbed 18 times.

-Estrella’s sister Jazmin shares more details with the Walshes and vows to stop at nothing to bring Arnaldo to justice. She also urges friends of victims to never give up on them and to keep fighting to help them.

-There is a $250,00 reward for Arnaldo’s capture. He is six feet tall, 200-225 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes and considered armed and dangerous. He may be in Chicago or somewhere in Mexico.

-Anyone with information is urged to call into the tipline with the promise of anonymity.

-We get a reenactment and information about how the couple fought at a club on their wedding night and how she was last seen alive leaving the club. He has been on the run ever since.

-Friends and family recall how Estrella was living in fear.

-Arnaldo’s car was found with Estrella’s blood inside.



Bally’s Pizzeria in Philadelphia was robbed on October 9, 2023 and the criminals are still at large. They were driving an SUV and one of them held a worker at gunpoint.

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-A 17-year-old girl in Orange County, California named Brooke Badger had her whole life ahead of her when drugs claimed her life.

-On June 18, 2021, she was found dead by her mother in her bedroom. Her Snapchat account showed that a man named Tyler Wilkinson sold her counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl. She saved the messages on her account, which is what led them to Tyler.

-There is a warrant for Tyler’s arrest, but he is currently on the run.

-Brooke’s mother Hahn, who is a pharmacist, explains how the pills Brooke took were laced and how she thought she was taking Roxicet, which is a prescription that contains the same ingredients as Tylenol. She currently has a lawsuit against Snapchat for allowing this on their platform.

-Audrina Patridge and her sister Casey Loza talk about how the same type of drug claimed the life of Casey’s daughter Sadie. Casey breaks down about the loss of her daughter as Audrina and John hold her hands. Casey says it can only take one pill, a weed gummy etc. to kill someone, especially since they don’t know what they are buying online.

-Casey thanks the Walshes for having the show and giving her a platform to bring criminals to justice.



-A carjacking occurred in Bethesda, Maryland in November 2023 with the suspects still at large.


More next week, stay tuned!!

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