The Masked Dancer Recap for 1/13/21: Let’s Get Moth-y!

The Masked Dancer Recap for 1/13/21: Let's Get Moth-y!
The Masked Dancer Recap for 1/13/21: Let’s Get Moth-y!

Tonight is another night of Fox’s The Masked Dancer. The remaining four dancers in Group B will compete for a chance of being the show’s very first winner. Cheryl Hines guest judges alongside Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, Dr. Ken Jeong and Ashley Tisdale. Craig Robinson hosts.


The dance is slower this time, but still very good. My initial thought last week was that it could be a professional dancer of some sort. However, this week, the clues include UFO and Cinnamon. His word is champion, which could be a Dancing With the Stars champion or a champion from another competitive show.

JUDGES’ GUESSES: Tito Ortiz, Floyd Meriweather, Mario Lopez



Her dancing proves she has some sort of athletic background. She has some kind of sweetness to her (no pun intended) as well as some innocence. I am sticking with my Julianne Hough guess for now, but the clues, which include Team Player (for her word), balancing, ice and the flag make me think it may be an Olympian or some other kind of athlete.


JUDGES’ GUESSES: Tara Lipinski, Jenna Dewan, Kristi Yamaguchi.


The clues include be yourself with the B, Y and U highlighted, surviving, speaking out and being shy. Her dance is very cute and I love the partnership she has with her backup dancers. There is a lot of sass to boot. I still think it is something connected to politics, but not so sure my Omarosa clue still fits when I hear best seller. My thought is that it might be Ann Coulter? The Dateline clue is also throwing me off.

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JUDGES’ GUESSES: Karlie Kloss, Omarosa, Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Smart, Elisabeth Hasselback, Kathy Griffin.


The clues include being vulnerable, baring his soul, learning a new language and being a bad boy. The ribbon dance while being paired is quite adorable and when he goes solo, I am reminded of the episode of Lizzie McGuire when she did rhythmic gymnastics. It was a wonderful way to end the night and my favorite dance of the night. I can honestly say I have no idea who he is….my guess is some kind of athlete. I am even more confused when I hear leading man. Maybe a ballroom dancer? I am going to guess one of the Chmerkovskiy brothers.


JUDGES’ GUESSES:  Jonathan Groff, Keegan Michael Keye, Will Ferrell.


TIME TO SEE WHO IS ELIMINATED! After receiving the least amount of votes, it is the end of the road for the MOTH.


FINAL CLUES: She is kind, genuine and caring, taller than Ken, plays an instrument, has been on stage and a blonde.


FINAL GUESSES: Elizabeth Smart, Jewel, Megyn Kelly, Karlie Kloss, Kathy Griffin.


THE MOTH IS…….ELIZABETH SMART!!!! Brian got it right. I never would have guessed her, but thrilled to see her on the show. She was always such a huge inspiration to so many. She decided to do the show in honor of her grandma, who recently passed away.


More next week, stay tuned.

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