Night Court Recap for Hold the Pickles Keep the Change

Night Court Recap for Hold the Pickles Keep the Change

Night Court Recap for Hold the Pickles Keep the Change

The episode opens with Flobert and Dan enjoying lunch, bromance style. Abby, Gurgs and Oliva make fun of them when Wyatt arrives on skates. Olivia is not happy that he is the fun one. She is then surprised  when she sees a rival lawyer Mike Pellino(who has a catchy theme song) come into the cafeteria to generate business. She has a major crush on him.


In court, Flobert has a stomachache and needs an Alka-Seltzer. He complains that he hates them, so Dan tells him to put it in a milkshake.


Gurgs snarks about Dan and Flobert, while Mikey continues to generate business and annoying Olivia. She thinks that she can ‘hear wedding sirens.’


Abby sees pictures of her ex with another woman online and talks to Wyatt over it. They bond over broken relationships until it is time for court to begin.


The first case is over the last case of pickles at the farmers market. Abby tastes them for evidence, but finds them disgusting….and ends up having a breakdown while the defendant argues with her about ‘not knowing that something great is under her nose.’


In the chambers, she continues to talk to Wyatt about her love woes and the words of the defendant. He tells her to get herself out there and she agrees… find the best pickle in NYC.


Later, Mikey asks Olivia out, but his partner Carnes tries to talk him out of it. Olivia doesn’t take the hint and tries to tag along, only to be left in the dust.

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Gurgs continues her snark about Dan and Flobert. Dan is worried about Flobert’s health and makes it clear that he will be there for his friend.


Back in the chambers, Abby is trying all the pickles in the city when Olivia invites her to dinner….where Mikey and Carnes are eating. Wyatt warns her to go before things get too weird.

At the restaurant, Olivia pretends to be surprised to see the guys and goes over to say hello. They end up having an awkward double date, which ends with Abby leaving to try different milks and Mikey to check out what turns out to be a spin class gone awry. Carnes tells Olivia she is wasting her time and leaves her alone.


Abby presides over a case about a hot dog cart being used to catch the Loch Ness Monster. Wyatt presses her about her date, but she is still obsessed with finding the perfect pickle.


Olivia, for her part, is still determined to get with Mikey, but Carnes continues to run interference, to the point where he posts an early obituary for her private chef.


Dan continues to help Flobert, who is in pain and passes out. Dan also ends up ‘injured’ so Gurgs can take them both to the doctor.


Dan, who is injured for real, rolls into the chambers to talk about how alone Flobert is and to test out Abby’s pickle making skills. It turns out that they both like the original one, which makes her realize she let Rand get away. She questions everything in her life and if she should settle. Dan gives her a pep talk and tells her not to settle, but to keep looking for and knowing her worth. He then helps her get her phone from the pickle pot.

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The episode ends with Flobert and Dan eating a salad together.

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