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Next Level Chef Recap for 1/29/2024NEXT LEVEL CHEF: L-R: Contestants with Richard Blais in the “Next Level Audition – Social Media” season premiere episode of Next Level Chef airing Sunday, January 28 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT live to all timezones) on FOX. CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan / FOX. ©2024 FOX Media LLC.

Next Level Chef Recap for 1/29/2024

-Challenge one is the social media hopefuls making meals out of canned meat in 2o minutes. There is a mad dash to grab ingredients before the battle begins.

-As they cook, Chef Ramsay and Chef Blais watch and give commentary from the top kitchen.

-As the teams cook, there are several cooking disasters, such as pans going on fire and food burning.

Gabi–chicken and dumplings from canned chicken.

-Izahya makes pasta with canned clams.

-Jordan makes a fritter from canned tuna.

-Matt makes crispy corned beef.

-Nicole makes pasta with canned ham.

-Tim makes a canned salmon fritter.

-Brittany makes ramen with canned shrimp.

-Brittnee makes eggs Benedict with her choice of canned meat which is not specified.

-Nicole, Gabi and Tim move to the next level, along with Jordan, Matt and Brittnee.

-Izahya and Brittany are in the bottom two, with Brittany being eliminated.

-The chefs move to the next level to cook another meal, this time one that has gone viral.

-The kitchen is in chaos….and gets even crazier when Brittnee cuts herself and needs a medic. She is okay and can continue on.

-Before long, it is time for the dishes to be judged.

-Jordan’s skirt steak is good, but badly executed.Why a

-Izahya’s crispy chicken is delicious.

-Matt’s trout is delicious.

-Nicole’s meat and veggies is a hit.

-Gabi’s Spanish tilapia tastes better than it looks.

-Brittnee’s tortilla and shrimp dish is a mess due to the tortilla not being cooked properly.

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-Tim’s turkey and pasta is also a mess.

-Izahya, Gabi and Jordan are in the top level.

-Nicole and Matt are also in the top level.

-Tim and Brittnee are in the bottom two, with Tim going home.

-The remaining cooks have 20 minutes to make another meal.

-Brittnee forgot her veggies and now must improvise. She also hired a cat detective and cat medium to try and find her missing cat.

-Izahya playing Next Level Chef for his social media fans is adorable.

-Why is the tasting going so quickly?

-And we get cut off into next week….stay tuned.

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