Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/29/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/29/2024

-Tonight’s KBC challenge is a cake inspired by comedy and tragedy masks. The kids will be in teams with one making each side of the cake.

-The teams are split randomly via matching tickets together. The ticket halves will then show which side they were making.

-Elsie and Anaiah are together, while Lila is with Oscar, Levi is with Tasi and Camryn is with Jamie.

-Anaiah makes a sad chocolate ombre cake with strawberry mousse, while Elsie makes a happy strawberry cake with chocolate ganache.

-Jamie makes matcha cake with chocolate for her sad face. Camryn makes a lemon blueberry cake with happy people and puppies playing for her decoration.

-Lila’s happy cake has a bacon maple flavor and is decorated with rosettes. Oscar makes a sad chocolate cake with coffee cream.

-Oscar forgot to add sugar to his cake batter. However, since it is an oil-based cake, he is able to fix it without having to start over.

-Tasi makes a sad ube cake with a thunderstorm design. Levi makes a coconut cake with a sun theme. The two of them add a rainbow to put it all together.

-TWIST. They all must make an edible marquee to add to the cake.

-Jamie and Camryn make a spice cookie for their marquee.

-Lila and Oscar make a shortbread cookie with a star decoration.

-Levi’s cake is undercooked and he must start over, worrying Duff and Valerie.

-Elsie and Anaiah make a rice crispy treat marquee.

-Levi finishes his cake in time, but still needs to add decorations.

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-Tasi’s topping oozes, so Levi suggests they just push their cakes together and continue to decorate.

-Camryn’s cake also falls apart, so she uses her other half.

-There is a mad dash to continue decorating and get the marquee done.

-Val and Duff taste each team cake, giving the pros and cons of each.

-Lila and Oscar won the challenge and get ‘masks of appreciation’ from Duff and Val.  They are the top two bakers of the night, with Lila winning the challenge overall. They are safe for the night.

-Camryn and Jamie are in the bottom two, with Jamie going home.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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